Moana Perfect Start: A Clucking Good Bird Feeder!

Is there a feeder more user friendly and versatile than a wire feeder like the Moana Perfect Start? If there is, we sure haven’t found it yet! Wire feeders have all the makings of a great feeder: easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to clean. Thanks to their simple design, they can be hung just about anywhere. Tree and shrub branches, feeder stands, and railings are just a few examples, and due to their lighter weight they can be put in places that larger, heavier feeders might not be stable on. Their discrete shape also means that wire feeders aren’t as in your face as some other feeders can be, which is great if you’re looking for something that looks a little more natural among your yard and doesn’t draw attention to itself.

They’re also incredibly easy to use: simply get a stackable or cylinder form of your preferred bird food and slide it on. That’s it! There are no moving parts, which makes this feeder easy to use for beginners, kids, and those with limited range of motion or motor function. Birds can access this type of feeder from all angles without needing to worry about small holes, mesh, or cages, which makes it easy for them to use as well! Like all animals, birds prefer low effort food sources over more difficult ones that can waste their energy for little reward, so wire feeders are preferred by a wider range of birds than species-specific ones. You may even find that some birds prefer a wire feeder over their given species-specific feeder if it means an easier time getting something to eat!

Best of all, wire feeders are easy to clean! One of the most important aspects of owning a bird feeder is keeping it clean. Unclean bird feeders are not only an eyesore, they’re also havens for disease that can be spread from bird to bird. Bird flu is one such disease that frequently comes up and is easily transmitted at feeders. This virus spreads readily and is often fatal, leading to mass outbreaks and resulting mass die-offs. Having a wire feeder with greatly reduced surface area means it’s so much easier to clean, plus there aren’t any nooks and crannies for bird parasites like mites to hang out in.

Looking to learn more about the appeal of wire feeders or the different types of stackable feed available? Check out the video below with our very own Bird Nerd Lisa Braginton!

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