Due to seasonal demand, Plant Doctor consultations are not available from April 18-June 2. Plant Doctors are still available in-store if you have questions or need some advice. 

When it comes to seeking knowledgeable help and professional guidance for your gardening and landscaping needs, look no further. We offer the expertise of our skilled arborists, experienced local horticulture specialists, and high desert gardening experts right in your own backyard or in-store.

Schedule a visit with our dedicated professionals, and you’ll have access to their wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience. Whether you need assistance with plant selection, garden maintenance, or overcoming specific challenges unique to the local climate and high desert conditions, our experts are here to provide you with personalized advice and solutions.

No matter the scale or complexity of your gardening or landscaping project, our knowledgeable professionals are here to support you. You can schedule a visit with them, either at your own property or in-store, to discuss your specific needs, receive personalized recommendations, and benefit from their expertise.

Design, Plan & Diagnose

Work one-on-one with our experts! We understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by high desert landscapes, and we are dedicated to tailoring our expertise to best suit your specific needs. Our goal is to ensure a successful outcome for your project by providing you with personalized guidance and sharing our expertise.

At-Your-Site Consultation

Plant Doctors are still available for in-store services. By conducting an onsite diagnosis, Moana Nursery Plant Doctors can closely examine your plants in their home environment, analyze symptoms, and gather valuable information about their growing conditions. This allows them to make a precise assessment and provide you with the most effective recommendations for treatment or prevention. *Plant Doctor Consultations will not be available April 18th-June 2nd.

Moana Nursery’s Plant Doctor Services

At Moana Nursery, our Plant Doctor services are designed to provide you with comprehensive assistance and guidance for all your gardening and landscape needs. Our team of experts offer a wide range of services to ensure the health and beauty of your plants and landscape. Here are the key services included in our Plant Doctor offerings:

  • Plant/Tree Identification: We can help you identify various plants and trees, allowing you to understand their specific characteristics and care requirements.
  • Diagnosis of Plant Problems: If you encounter issues with your plants, our Plant Doctors can accurately diagnose the problems, identifying factors such as diseases, pests, nutrient deficiencies, or environmental stressors.
  • Pest and Disease Identification and Control: We specialize in identifying pests and diseases affecting your plants and provide effective methods of control to mitigate their impact.
  • Yard and Gardening Maintenance Advice: Our plant doctors offer valuable advice on yard and gardening maintenance, including best practices for watering, fertilization, pruning, and overall plant care.
  • Pruning and Shaping Instructions: Learn proper pruning and shaping techniques from our experts to enhance the health and beauty of your plants.
  • Assistance with Plant Lists and Pricing: We can help you create plant lists tailored to your property and specific HOA requirements, ensuring a seamless selection process.
  • Sketches for Plant Placement and Landscape Design: While our consultants do not provide formal landscape designs or plans, they can offer rough sketches with key features to guide plant placement. This provides a smooth transition to our retail planting services or our landscape services design and installation team.
  • Defensible Space Consultation: Our experts can assist you in creating defensible space by suggesting appropriate plants and making recommendations for a safer landscape.
  • Irrigation Troubleshooting and Guidance: Receive assistance in troubleshooting irrigation issues and learn how to effectively manage and maintain your irrigation system.
  • Backyard Habitat Evaluation and Advice: Our experts can evaluate your backyard habitat, offering advice on attracting desired wildlife and managing pests effectively.
  • Water Conservation Recommendations: We provide general recommendations on water conservation practices to help you minimize water usage while maintaining a healthy landscape.
  • Raised Bed Consultations: Learn how to grow your own food effectively with our guidance on raised bed gardening.
  • Expert Opinions and Estimates for Tree Worth and Replacement Costs: Our experts can provide professional opinions and estimates of tree worth and replacement costs for insurance purposes, though we do not offer formal appraisals.

At Moana Nursery, we are dedicated to delivering the highest level of plant doctor services to help you achieve gardening success. Consult with our experts today and benefit from their wealth of knowledge and expertise in creating a thriving and beautiful outdoor space.

Moana Nursery Plant Doctors

Steve Packer

South Virginia

(775) 853-1319 x 228 or stevep@moananursery.com

Michael Roth

Moana Lane

(775) 825-0602 x 104 or michaelr@moananursery.com

Jeni Lowery

Pyramid Way

(775) 425-4300 x 303 or jenniferl@moananursery.com

Jon Bruyn

Moana Lane

(775) 825-0602 x 118 or jonb@moananursery.com

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