Moana Nursery has been proudly serving northern Nevada for over 50 years, and we are committed to making a positive impact on our community. We believe in the importance of giving back and supporting local non-profit organizations that contribute to the well-being and growth of our community.

As part of our commitment to community involvement, we proudly support over 150 community organizations through donations. We understand the valuable work that non-profits and charitable organizations do, and we are honored to contribute to their efforts.

If you represent a not-for-profit organization or are organizing a charity event and would like to request donated goods from Moana Nursery, we have a simple process in place. Please complete the below form, including the necessary information to help us understand your organization and the specific needs of your event.

We carefully review each request we receive and consider them based on various factors, including the alignment of the organization or event with our values, the potential impact of the donation, and our available resources. While we strive to support as many organizations as possible, please understand that we may not be able to fulfill every request due to the volume of requests we receive.

At Moana Nursery, we are dedicated to supporting the local community and making a difference. We believe that by working together with non-profit organizations, we can build a stronger and more vibrant community for all. We appreciate your efforts in making a positive impact, and we are honored to have the opportunity to contribute to your cause.

To request donated goods from Moana Nursery for your not-for-profit organization or charity event, please complete the donation request form. We look forward to reviewing your request and potentially partnering with you to support your important work.

To ensure an organized and streamlined process for donation requests, Moana Nursery now only considers requests submitted through our designated form. We kindly ask that all donation requests be made using this form.

We do not provide cash donations or purchase ads. For approved donation requests, Moana Nursery will provide a certificate that can be redeemed for Moana Grown products. The certificate will be valid for up to 6 months from the date of the event. Please note that Moana Nursery does not offer loaned plant material or other products for events. However, if plant material is needed for an event, it can be rented through our landscape division.

We appreciate your understanding of our donation process and guidelines. Thank you for considering Moana Nursery for your donation request, and we look forward to reviewing your submission.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Due to high volume of requests and limited inventory, pumpkin donations will not be awarded this year. We hope that the low price of our pumpkins ($1.99 each) will help you fulfill your Fall-O-Ween festivities. Thank you for your understanding.

Submit this form if you would like to request donated goods from Moana Nursery for your not-for-profit organization or charity event.

We now only respond to donation requests submitted through this form.  Moana Nursery does not make cash donations.  The request must be submitted 60 days prior to your event or project.  Donations will be in the form of a donation certificate good for Moana-grown trees, shrubs, and perennials that can be redeemed up to 6 months from the date of the event.

While we do our best to give back as much as possible, note that we get hundreds of requests for donations every year and are not able to honor all of them. In 2017, we donated to over 130 schools, charities, and community programs.

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