Moana Nursery Plant Guarantee

We guarantee our trees, shrubs & perennials, #1 and larger, for 1 year from date of purchase, provided they have been properly planted, watered and cared for. We guarantee that our plants are healthy at the time of purchase; however, once they are in your possession, it is your responsibility to promptly plant them and give them proper care.

Following these vital steps will help you succeed & keep your plant covered by our warranty:

1. Plant your plant in the ground as soon as possible, in a hole 2x the width of the root ball. Plants that have been planted in containers or not planted at all are not be covered by our warranty.

2. Enrich your soil with much needed nutrients, we recommend G&B Organics Soil Building Conditioner and G&B Organics Purely Compost. The soil in our region has a tendency to be baron, planting without adding nutrients can put your plant at risk.

3. Water! Plants without proper irrigation will not be covered by our warranty. For best results, add Superthrive to your first watering to reduce transplant shock.

4. Staking may be necessary for trees or saplings. High winds can dislodge plants that are not appropriately staked. Without proper stakes, wind damage may not be covered by our warranty.

5. Mulching in warmer months keeps root balls wet longer and reduces your water usage. Mulching in colder months prevents frost damage to roots.

6. Fertilize, plants need food, too! For new plantings you should only use slow release fertilizers like G&B Organics Starter Fertilizer or G&B Organics Paradise Fertilizer.

Videos to help you get started:

For more videos, visit our Youtube channel.

For more advice, including Timely Tips, visit our expert portal.

Warranty Redemption:

1. If you notice excessive wilting, drooping, insect activity, or anything that appears to compromise your plants overall health, bring a fresh leaf/small branch sample, or photo to any of our plant doctors as soon as possible. Our plant doctors are extremely knowledgeable and they will likely be able to identify the issue and provide the steps to remedy the problem.

2. If your plant resists treatment and we are unable to save it, bring the plant and sales receipt to the store for a replacement plant; replacement will be equal in value to the original purchase price. A cash refund will not be given. Receipt is necessary for guarantee, Moana Rewards members do not need a receipt as long as the purchase is in our system.
3. Replacements will not be given if the plant fails because of neglect, inadequate water, it has not been planted (still in original container), has no irrigation, or any other cause beyond our control. Replacements will be made one-time only.
4. Plants planted in a container or planter and all indoor plants are excluded from our guarantee.

Live Christmas trees & tree roses – plants kept in container or planter –  indoor plants – annuals – bulbs – hanging baskets
Moana Nursery is not responsible for the use of any chemical or treatment used by the homeowner. We recommend reading the ENTIRE label before use.


All trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses #1 and larger are guaranteed for 1 year after purchase. Annuals, indoor plants and any final sale items are not covered by our warranty.

Bring your plant or photos of your plant to a Plant Doctor or Manager at any Moana Nursery location. They will ask you a few questions to determine eligibility. If your item is eligible for warranty replacement, a return voucher will be issued. A return voucher is good for 30 days and should be treated like cash. You must physically have the voucher in order to redeem it.

No, a return voucher can be used multiple times and at different Moana Nursery locations, until the balance is zero or the voucher has expired (after 30 days).

No, return vouchers can be redeemed in-store only. If you are unable to redeem in-person before the voucher expires, due to illness or disability, please reach out to a store manager before the voucher expiration date.

Yes, a return can be made within 7 days of any purchase (except discount or final sale items). Plants, including annuals, must be in purchase condition.

No, while the warranty is designed to replace the failed product, the voucher is not limited to any specific plant materials.