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Holiday Gift & Decor! 🎅

Step into a winter wonderland at Moana Nursery, where the garden center has been transformed into a festive paradise for all your holiday needs. The air is filled with the scent of fresh evergreens and the warm glow of twinkling lights. Lighted Christmas trees, ranging from classic pines to unique birch, stand tall, ready to become the centerpiece of your holiday celebrations. The selection is carefully curated, ensuring that each tree is a perfect canvas for your cherished ornaments.

As you wander through the aisles, the holiday spirit is palpable. The shelves are adorned with an array of seasonal treasures—colorful ornaments that catch the light, whimsical décor to adorn both indoor and outdoor spaces, and an assortment of festive lights to add a magical touch to your home. For those seeking the perfect gift, Moana Nursery offers an array of thoughtfully curated presents, from elegant poinsettias to delicious seasonal snacks. A one-stop destination for all things winter, where the beauty of nature intertwines with the joy of the holiday season.

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Moana Nursery has three garden centers in Northern Nevada serving Reno, Sparks, Incline Village, Carson City and Minden.

Our Garden Centers

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Moana Nursery has licensed landscape architects available to assist you with planning and designing your exterior space.

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Explore our videos and tips for timely high desert gardening success, advice, solutions, and more.

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The Moana Advantage

Moana Nursery is devoted to supporting you in the maintenance of your yard. Our team of skilled professionals is fully prepared and available to aid you in all your gardening requirements, whether it be acquiring a stunning individual plant or developing a comprehensive plan for a fully landscaped yard, including installation services. In addition to our experienced team, we specialize in cultivating Moana Grown plants & trees that flourish in the unique high desert climate of Northern Nevada.


Locally Operated & Family Owned Since 1967

Since 1967, Moana Nursery has been dedicated to providing exceptional nursery and landscaping services to the Northern Nevada community. We take pride in our extensive experience and expertise in serving the region. Notably, the Moana Nursery team has more certified high desert nursery employees than any other local, large chain-box, or discount stores combined. We are committed to delivering knowledge and assistance to ensure the success of your gardening and landscaping endeavors.