Now Growing: Veggies, Herbs & Annuals!

What’s better than having beautiful plants in your garden?

Having beautiful, locally-grown plants in your garden!

We’re proud to now have two growing operations bringing you a wide range of Moana Grown plants to choose from. All Moana Grown plants are chosen and bred, in our climate, for success in the high desert. Whether it’s a veggie you harvest after just one season or a tree you expect to last for generations, having plants that are grown for our zone is the key to successful gardening.

When it comes to gardening and growing in Northern Nevada, we’re your local experts for healthy, hardy plants, because, after all, it’s in our roots!

Grown In Our Zone

We’re thrilled to introduce our new 100% Local growing operation! Veggies, herbs, and annuals are the name of the game here, as these  tender plants have higher success rates when they’re bred in the region they’ll be grown in. Since most of these plants have shorter lifespans, dealing with transplant shock or slow acclimation can significantly delay bloom periods and even lead to loss of crop/food production. Farming them right here in Northern Nevada means they are already acclimated to our region, reducing the risk of transplant shock, plus we are now able to plant in varieties and quantities that aren’t available from outside vendors. Our mission is to bring you more quality, more quantity and more variety.

Moana Nursery Growing

Minden, Nevada

  • More than 150 varieties of Moana Grown Annuals, Herbs, & Vegetables.

  • 50,000 sq feet of protected growing space.

  • Eco-friendly irrigation. We’ve installed Erfgoed Flood Floor Sub-Irrigation to minimize water usage and maximize efficiency.

  • Up to 6 truckloads delivered to each Moana Nursery location weekly!

  • Moana Grown in Northern Nevada, for Northern Nevada.

Grown For Our Zone

We’ve been growing plants for more than 40 years at our farm in Canby, Oregon. Our farmers supply a strong, healthy crop of trees, shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses, roses, and vines to keep your garden beautiful & hardy year after year. Despite being in Oregon, the climate in Canby matches the climate we have here in the Reno/Sparks area, so these plants have had time to get used to our typical climate conditions. This means hardy plants with healthy roots that are ready to stand up to wind, snow, heat, drought, and anything else the weather may bring us.

Moana Nursery Growing

Canby Oregon

  • Over 280 growing acres in Northern Nevada and Canby, Oregon.

  • More than 300 varieties of Moana Grown Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, & Grasses. 

  • 40+ years of successful crops grown for the High Desert.

  • Wholesale options available for licensed operators.

Moana Farms