A Guide to Moana Nursery’s Pumpkin Selection in Reno & Sparks

As the pumpkin patches come alive with color and variety, the team at Moana Nursery takes pride in presenting a diverse range of pumpkins and gourds at all 3 of our locations on S. Virginia St., Moana Lane, and Pyramid Hwy. Whether you’re an avid carver, a decorative enthusiast, or simply an admirer of the season, our pumpkin palette has something for everyone. Here’s a guide to our standout varieties for 2023:

Large Pumpkins:

Howdens: The classic choice for carving, Howdens have a deep orange hue and symmetrical round shape.

Kratos and Zeus: Named after Greek gods, these varieties are robust, with thick skins ideal for intricate carvings.

Warty Goblin: Living up to its name, this variety boasts unique warty skin, making each pumpkin truly one-of-a-kind.

Porcelain Doll (Pink): A delightful shade of pink sets this apart. It’s a favorite for those seeking something unique.

Mellow Yellow and Blue Doll: For a colorful twist to your autumn décor, these pumpkins stand out with their obscure hues.

Connecticut Field: An American favorite, its flat bottom and strong stem make it perfect for carving or arranging..

Bayhorse Gold: A radiant golden hue with a traditional pumpkin shape.

Small to Medium Size Pumpkins:

Lumina (White): These ghostly white pumpkins are perfect for spooky settings or elegant autumn centerpieces.

Sugar Pie: Ideal for baking, this variety is sweet and has a smooth, thin skin.

Blanco (White) and White Gold: Further additions to our white pumpkin family, they are excellent for painting or carving.

Grizzly: Tan with warts, this unique pumpkin adds texture and character to any display.


Wee be little: Tiny, round, and red-orange, these are great for little hands or tabletop arrangements.

Casperita: A small white variety, perfect for ghost-themed decorations.

Munchkin: These mini pumpkins are delightful additions to any setting.

Lil Pump-Ke Mon: Their quirky name matches their fun size and appearance.

Baby Boo and Midnight (Black): While Baby Boo is a petite white variety, Midnight boasts a stunning black hue, a rare find!


Autumn Wings: With an array of colors and wing-like protrusions, these gourds are a treat to the eyes.

Speckled Swan: Their long necks and speckled appearance make them resemble a swan.

XL Pumpkins:

Polar Bear (White): Majestic in size and appearance with a snowy white hue.

Atlantic Giant: True to its name, this is one of the largest pumpkins you can find, often grown for competitions.

Buy Pumpkins In-Store At Our Reno & Sparks Locations

With such diversity in size, color, and texture, our pumpkin and gourd collection promises a delightful experience for all. Visit our store locations on S. Virginia, Moana Ln, and Pyramid Hwy, to see these varieties firsthand!


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