Fall Has Arrived At Moana Nursery: Your One-Stop Destination for Pumpkins & Gourds

The air is crisper, the leaves are turning, and the aroma of pumpkin spice latte is wafting from every café. Yes, autumn has officially arrived, and with it comes the excitement of fall décor and pumpkin carving. Where should you go to find the perfect pumpkin or gourd for your front porch or dinner table centerpiece? Look no further than Moana Nursery. Shop Pumpkins in-store at our 3 locations in Reno and Sparks on Moana Lane, S. Virginia Street, or Pyramid Highway.

Moana’s Pumpkin & Gourd Harvest

Moana Nursery proudly presents: “Moana Grown Pumpkin Paradise” – a delightful spread of pumpkins that cater to every imaginable taste and preference. Ranging from the classic Howdens for your traditional jack-o’-lantern cravings to the unique porcelain doll (pink) and midnight (black) for the more adventurous.

Quality at Affordable Prices

What’s even more enticing than the assortment is the unbeatable pricing. The days of overpriced pumpkins are gone! At Moana Nursery, top-quality pumpkins are available for just $1.99, $4.99 for specialty pumpkins, a price tag that remains unmatched in the town. For those who adore the charm of mini pumpkins and gourds, you’re in for a treat – they’re priced at just 99¢ each.

Petite Wonders and Mighty Giants

For the lovers of the tiny and adorable, “Wee be little” and “lil pump-ke mon”, are bound to steal your heart. And for those who believe that bigger is better, the Polar bear (white) and Atlantic Giant are waiting to make a statement at your doorstep.

Gourds Galore

But let’s not forget the gourds – the often-overlooked heroes of fall décor. With varieties like the artistic “Autumn wings” and the quirky “speckled swan”, Moana Nursery ensures that gourd enthusiasts are not left behind.

In-Store Exclusivity

While Moana thrives in offering the best, there’s a hint of exclusivity added to the mix. All pumpkin and gourd selections are available in-store only across all three locations. An effort to ensure every customer gets the hands-on experience of selecting their perfect pumpkin.

However, keep in mind the household limit on classic and specialty pumpkins. You can get up to 10 of these, but when it comes to minis and gourds, the sky’s the limit!

Visit Moana Nursery For The Best Pumpkin & Gourd Selection

As autumn ushers in the festive spirit, Moana Nursery stands ready to be your one-stop destination for all things pumpkins and gourds. With a variety that caters to all and prices that ensure you don’t break the bank, we know you’ll find the perfect pumpkin for any of your autumn decor needs at Moana Nursery. So, put on your fall sweater, grab your pumpkin-spiced latte, and make your way to Moana Nursery at our locations on S. Virginia, Moana Lane, and Pyramid Highway. The perfect pumpkin paradise is waiting for you!


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