Mighty Plant Compost Tea

At Moana Nursery, we’re constantly on the lookout for natural and effective gardening solutions. Compost tea, a nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer, has emerged as a popular choice among gardening experts for its ease of use and the myriad benefits it offers to plants. We take pride in offering a convenient and potent solution to gardeners – Mighty Plant’s Instant Compost Tea.

Instant Compost Tea is a game-changer for gardeners looking for an easy and effective way to boost the health of their plants and soil. By simply adding the powder to water, you can create a nutrient-dense solution ready for application in your garden.

One of the standout features of compost tea is its all-natural composition. Unlike some chemical fertilizers that may cause foliage burns or harm the delicate balance of your garden’s ecosystem, compost tea provides a gentle yet effective way to nourish your plants. The organic matter in the tea acts as a slow-release fertilizer, promoting sustained growth without the risk of harming your beloved plants.

Compost tea serves as a powerhouse of essential nutrients for your garden. The brewing process extracts beneficial microorganisms, enzymes, and soluble nutrients from compost. When applied to the soil, these nutrients enhance microbial activity, improve soil structure, and provide plants with the building blocks they need for robust development.

Compost tea exemplifies a harmonious blend of convenience and effectiveness. At Moana Nursery, we invite you to explore the wonders of compost tea, unlocking the full potential of your garden while nurturing the environment in the process. Embrace the natural power of compost tea and watch your garden thrive in response to the gentle touch of Mother Nature.

In our commitment to making gardening accessible and enjoyable for everyone, we offer free bottles of pre-mixed compost tea solution at a concentrated level. Our team blends fresh tea daily to ensure a perfect balance of essential nutrients. Similar to our Free Nectar Program, we give you a bottle for free, and you can bring it back for complimentary refills throughout the growing season, no purchase necessary.

Once you’ve tested it out, you can pick up a bag of your own at any Moana Nursery location, or order online!


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