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Why Seasonal Flowers Make the Best Floral Arrangements

There’s something deeply gratifying about creating beautiful floral arrangements. The vibrant hues, enticing scents, and striking forms of flowers all combine to form stunning visual displays. At Moana Nursery in Reno, NV, we’re passionate about helping our customers tap into this wonderful world of floral arrangements. One of the keys to creating a truly special arrangement is understanding and using seasonal flowers. But why exactly do seasonal flowers make the best arrangements? Let’s explore.

1. Freshness and Quality

The most significant advantage of using seasonal flowers in your arrangements is their freshness and high quality. When flowers are in their natural season, they are at their peak of vitality. They possess an unparalleled freshness and vibrancy that is hard to beat.

For instance, roses are at their finest during the late spring and summer months. Tulips, on the other hand, are best in the spring. Opting for flowers that are in season guarantees that you are getting them at their best – most aromatic, most vibrant, and most resilient.

2. Cost Effectiveness

Seasonal flowers are typically more cost-effective than out-of-season alternatives. When flowers are in season, they’re in ample supply and are therefore less expensive than those that have to be imported or grown in controlled environments to simulate a different season. Utilizing seasonal flowers in your arrangements means your budget can stretch further, allowing for bigger, more lush creations.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Using seasonal flowers is a more environmentally friendly choice. Out-of-season flowers often need to be transported long distances or grown in energy-intensive greenhouses, both of which have a substantial carbon footprint. On the other hand, seasonal flowers, especially those grown locally, have a much lower environmental impact. Choosing seasonal means not only creating beautiful arrangements but also caring for our planet.

4. Variety and Inspiration

With each new season comes a whole new palette of flowers. This ever-changing variety can serve as a source of inspiration for your floral arrangements. From the daffodils and tulips in spring, roses and lilies in summer, to chrysanthemums and asters in fall, and the classic poinsettias for the winter, each season offers a fresh set of options to explore and experiment with.

5. Local Economy Support

Choosing seasonal flowers often means you’re supporting local farmers and nurseries, like us at Moana Nursery. Buying seasonal supports your local economy, contributes to local job creation, and helps local businesses thrive.

6. Creating a Connection with Nature

Lastly, using seasonal flowers helps to create a deeper connection with nature. By aligning your floral arrangements with the rhythms of the seasons, you’re not only creating beautiful displays but also fostering a relationship with the natural world around you.

Visit The Florist At Moana Nursery In Reno, NV

At Moana Nursery in Reno, NV, we’re proud to offer a vast array of seasonal flowers perfect for your arrangements. Our knowledgeable team of florists is always on hand to help guide you in selecting the best flowers for your needs, and to share our love of plants with our Northern Nevada community. Stop in to discover the wonderful world of seasonal flowers!


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