How Wind Chimes use the Healing Power of Sound

What is the Healing Power of Sound?

There is no doubt that there is a strong connection between emotions and sound. Think of how quickly one’s mood can sour when a jackhammer invades your quiet thoughts or how uplifted one can feel when one hears their favorite song. Sounds can pacify, intensify, and all-out control a situation. The film industry has long known the importance of background sounds and how they can affect the watcher’s feelings. So what if your garden had background music as well?

According to, when we hear certain sounds or music “our brains trigger particular emotions, memories, and thoughts, which often leads to more positive effects toward mental health.” Positive sounds and music can elevate your mood, reduce stress, improve focus, help with relaxation and reduce anxiety & depression.

So, who wouldn’t want to feel happy and relaxed when gardening?

A Brief History of Wind Chimes

Wind chimes have been noted in history for thousands of years. The earliest evidence shows wind chimes made from natural objects such as sea shells, bones, bamboo, and other wood. As history and modernization progressed, metal bells were used more prominently to “ward off evil spirits”. In the 19th century, the advent of Orchestral Tubular Bells brought in the new age of wind chimes that we see today. (Source:

Variations of wind chimes can be seen from the Tibetan temples high in the Himalayan Mountains, to the sandy beaches of Tahiti. They signify peace, tranquility, and even safety in many cultures.

How do Wind Chimes Help?

Although you may think that wind chimes are made of random sounds, many are designed with specific tonal ranges in mind. Most wind chimes use a pentatonic scale (5-note scale) that removes two of the more dissonant notes so that wind chimes (no matter which chimes are being hit) always provide positive tones. These tonal ranges are meant to help elevate, calm or focus your moods. Some with deeper tones resonate a calming presence, while higher/loftier tones can bring clarity and brightness to your yard.

Wind chimes are used in feng shui practices, meditation, and sound therapy as a way to bring positive emotions forward and help work out negative ones. As gardeners, we know that the touch of soil on our hands and the smell of fresh flowers is our happy place. Why not add a little beauty for your ears to your happy place as well?

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