How Deep Should You Plant?

Question always asked … How deep should I plant this new tree, shrub, etc.?

Most plants will benefit from being planted with the top of the root ball at the existing soil level – – not the top of the container it came from and not with only the trunk showing once planted.

If a plant is installed too high, it will dry out faster, scalding the top of the root ball. You’ll lose some portion of the root system and stress the plant unnecessarily.

On the other hand, installing a plant too deep will also result in the loss of a portion or even the entirety of the root system over time. This is a much more serious mistake than planting too shallow and one that we see most often. Plants can struggle for even a period of years if planted too deep, only to finally succumb to the rot associated with burying plant parts that should be exposed to air (not buried); the crown on a tree trunk near the root ball is a good example of a plant part that needs air. This is also why mulch, etc. needs to be a kept way from the trunk, and rock around the trunk, touching in any way is another problem we see all the time. Please note: there are some exceptions to being planted too deeply, such as tomatoes that actually prefer that installation.For a more in-depth instructions, see below planting guide link.

See Here: Official High Desert Planting Guide from Moana Nursery.

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