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Garden and Landscape Tips from Reno and Sparks Experts

Timely, High Desert Gardening Tips, Advice, Solutions & More!

Explore Moana Nursery's many information sources here! High Desert and Alpine information sources, like our knowledgeable Moana Nursery staff and Plant Doctors, are important for local garden/landscape success and satisfaction!  See menu on left or above for topics of interest and scroll down for even more.

NEW: Helpful High Desert Videos:  Another source of local information from our experts on topics of interest, in video.  We are growing this library so visit oftem.  See the topics & videos here.

Leaf V2.pngNEW: High Desert Plant Finder & Guide, exclusively from Moana Nursery. Search and explore plants that thrive in our unique climate and region.Build wish lists, learn about plant characteristics and find the perfect plants for you and your home. This exclusive tool lets you easily find plants by keyword, phrase and even the specific characteristics you are looking for. Bring your wish list to your favorite Moana Nursery location and our expert staff will help with your choices. 

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For more detailed information and advanced tips and hints on the High Desert Plant Finder & Guide, click here.

Please Note:
Our Plant Finder is all about plants that will work in the high desert.  It is not, nor is it intended to be, a current list of plants in stock, on hand at each location or at our farm.  We purposely do not sell or ship plants online.  Please visit your favorite Moana Nursery location for detailed plant questions and availability. 

Planting Guide Here! - - Planting Tips for Best Results in the high desert..

Timely, Local "Now is the time to ..." Tips & Advice Here - - Get information on what needs to be done right now!

Winterize Your Irrigation System ... Turn it on/off ... usually in early April & early November.  Also, for more detail, see our video with instructions  here.

A Complete List and Links to Local, Helpful Moana Nursery Fact Sheets - - also available at the Plant Doctor and Information Center at every garden center location. See our high Desrt specific information like the "when to" Vegetable Calendar, etc.

Mulching with Soil Building Compost protects plants, inhibits weeds, saves water & improves the soil.  Use our Mulch Calculator to determine how much mulch you need ... here.

High Desert Do-It-Youself Landscape Articles - See all the descriptive titles - - written by our Design Team for Local Publications.

Gardening ... the #1 Hobby in America ... Solves Global Warming???  (if so, we are doing our part at our farm above!)

We know Gardening is great exercise, good therapy and helps build home values, but can it actually reduce our carbon footprints?  Yes ... see how to neutralize carbon emissions and what is required for you to erase your carbon footprint.

Trees Matter

Trees (and all other purposely grown plants except weeds, and even they are not all bad) - - “green” long before “green” became popular, politically correct & a complicated tradeoff!  

  • Increased Property Values & Quality of Life
  • Better Air Quality & Carbon Sequestration
  • Enhanced Shade/Protection & Energy Savings
  • Helpful Water Conservation & Storm-water Remediation
  • We now have the capability to account for the benefits of trees … beyond just pleasing aesthetics.

Trees Matter … with a proven Economic Value … increasing with maturity, year after year.  They provide significant benefits beyond purchase cost and upkeep!  - - take a look!  Photosynthesis is the "real deal" solar power!

Other Horticulture Information Sources:

Wilbur May Arboretum & Botanical Gardens - - Reno's local arboretum

UNR Cooperative Extension Agricultural Co-op - - Get information about gardening and horticulture in the Washoe Valley - - lots of papers and information sheets available on many subjects.

Washoe County Information - - Find out about weather conditions in the Washoe Valley area by exploring this link ... presented by the UNR Cooperative Extension - - lots of daily accurate information to help your watering and planting right here in northwest Nevada.

Denver Master Gardeners - - Is another coop providing valuable gardening insight when living in a climate similar to Reno's.  

The National Arbor Day Foundation - - Good information on trees with lots of detail and some interaction.

Ortho - Scotts - MiracleGro - - Problem solving interactive sites to help answer your questions, brought to you by the Scotts family of garden center brands.

U.C. Berkley Digital Library of Plants - - A comprehensive encyclopedia with photos of over 20,000 species of plants listed by common and scientific names.