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Indoor Plants/Greenhouse: Reno & Sparks

Moana Nursery offers Northern Nevada’s two Largest Greenhouses for indoor plants, with the best selection of premier house & office plants in the Truckee Meadows! Our team’s expert knowledge and education can assist you with all your indoor plant questions. We’ll keep your new plants healthy and thriving by offering advice on what plants will work best in your home and with your lifestyle.  And, beautiful, healthy indoor plants are available at our South Virginia St.too ... direct from our Greenhouse. How healthy are inside plants??? Click here for the 9 health benefits for home and office plants.

The Moana Nursery Greenhouse is located at:  

Moana Lane Garden Center
1100 W. Moana Lane, Reno
(775) 825-0600




Our newest greenhouse is located at:

Sparks Pyramid Way Garden Cente

3397 Pyramid Way, Sparks - (775) 425-4300


Moana Nursery’s Greenhouse Offers:

  • Upright and hanging plants
  • Largest selection of specimen house plants in Reno/Sparks
  • Unique varieties of succulents and cacti
  • Orchids, bromeliads and insectivores
  • Best selection of Florist Quality Seasonal Blooming Plants
  • Large selection of Ceramic and Decorative Pots

Services Include:

  • Repotting of indoor plants in-store or at your home
  • Pick-up and delivery service
  • Special request plant list available
  • In home or office consultations for indoor plant projects
  • Seminars and speakers available upon request
  • In-store and in-home diagnosis and treatment recommendations
  • ADDITIONALLY, we offer our interior plant design & maintenance service for office & home ... see it here.

How to Grow Your Own "Clean Air"

Foliage plants are not only beautiful but they also play an important role in the air we breathe, both indoors and out. Plants produce their own food through the process of photosynthesis, where the plant absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. This process not only puts more oxygen into the air, but it lso helps clear the air of pollutants as well. Indoor air pollution has become an increasing problem because new homes and buildings do not allow air to circulate properly. This stagnant air lingers and picks up pollutants that are extremely harmful to humans, including cigarette smoke. In a NASA study, certain houseplants, under controlled conditions, were able to remove as much as 87% of indoor pollutants within 24 hours. Visit the Moana Lane Garden Center or Pyramid Way Garden Center Greenhouses today to start cleaning your indoor air!  For a cute but meaningful video on why housplants are so good for you, see below: