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Tips for Plants, Trees, and Shrubs

  • Plant your plant in the ground as soon as possible, in a hole 2x the width of the root ball. Plants that have been planted in containers or not planted at all are not be covered by our warranty.
  • Enrich your soil with much needed nutrients, we recommend G&B Organics Soil Building Conditioner and G&B Organics Purely Compost. The soil in our region has a tendency to be baron, planting without adding nutrients can put your plant at risk.
  • Water! Plants without proper irrigation will not be covered by our warranty. For best results, add Superthrive to your first watering to reduce transplant shock.
  • Staking may be necessary for trees or saplings. High winds can dislodge plants that are not appropriately staked. Without proper stakes, wind damage may not be covered by our warranty.
  • Mulching in warmer months keeps root balls wet longer and reduces your water usage. Mulching in colder months prevents frost damage to roots.
  • Fertilize, plants need food, too! For new plantings you should only use slow release fertilizers like G&B Organics Starter Fertilizer or G&B Organics Paradise Fertilizer.