Weekly Specials

Start A New Tradition - - Living Christmas Trees

All three stores have living Christmas trees that add value long after the holidays (click pic). Wreaths, greens, gifts, decorations are all available.

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

'Prairiefire' Crabapple - Plan for SPRING

Planning for spring and beyond ... now is the time and we can help ... contact us.

Winter Ground Not Frozen? Still Can Plant & Plan

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Living Christmas Trees = Lifetime Value

Help solve global warming and add value to your landscape ... Living Christmas Trees.

Add Value, Save Water, Improve Soil -  - Mulch

Even now its time to MULCH! All 3 stores have what you need for our local soils.

High Desert Garden And Landscape Experts: Reno & Sparks

As the region's premier garden center nurseries and landscaper, we are dedicated to helping you take care of your yard, garden and outdoor space. Our plants, trees and shrubs are specifically grown for our high desert climate & soil. We also offer award-winning Landscape, Bird, Greenhouse, Organic, Florist, Gift and Rock services and products in Reno, Sparks and northern Nevada.

What's New

So Much Relevant, Local Information - - So Little Time!

Better Advice. Better Results. Scan the many, timely, useful, local Do-It-Yourself aids in our "Expert Tips & Info" page (see Fact Sheets,Timely Tips, etc.).

Its Time To Feed & Care For The Birds

See www.WBU.com/reno - all about our local birds; make your backyard come alive. Freshest bird seed in town ... for the #2 Hobby in America at Moana.

Winter Time to Plan - Click Pic. & Yellow Leaf for Plant Finder

DIY or Expert help for your next landscape & garden project. Plant Doctors are great at horticultural consulting with several ways to help.

Have A Dog, A Beautiful Green Lawn & Save Water!

Looks like grass, feels like grass, plays like grass! Superior artificial grass that drains. FieldTurf, only from Moana! 825-0602 x134

NEW, Exclusive High Desert Plant Finder & Guide!

Better Plants also need the right home ... the right location! Now you don't need to guess ... its all right there to discover & use. A new tool; just click the pic.

Buy Better In Bulk & Get It Delivered

Yes, if you can buy rock, soil, sand, bark, compost, etc. in bulk it is less expensive and we can deliver ... (775) 825-0602 ext. 219 at S. Virginia St.

Voted Best Locally & Top 100 Nationally ... Reason Why?

Better Plants. Better Advice. Better Results. Our plants can survive the high desert because we select/grow them tough ... not fast ... and not in California!