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New Year Garden & Lanscape Resolutions?

Plan now, plant soon! View more details or click pic. for January savings. Be a REWARDS member. See Home Improvement Specials too.

Planning Or Planting, Water-Wise Makes Sense

The beautiful Barberry is a WATER-WISE shrub - - on sale ... see specials by clicking pic. See all the assistance we can provide.

Enhance Your Landscape.  Add Value & Color & More

Winter planning and planting including Water-Wise plants & organic solutions. Click the oak leaves for specials.

We Feature & Believe In Dr. Earth Organic Product Solutions

Click the Dr. Earth Compost for our January specials including Wild Birds Unlimited specials for Rewards members.

Natural, Organic & Our #1 Seller - For Water Savings & Better Soil!

Protect & Enhance - Mulching saves water (3" = 30% reduction), improves your soil & enhances your yard's appearance. Put it down even NOW!

Special Home Improvement Plants On Sale Now!

Landscape additions and make-overs add value to your home. Click the on-sale landscape tree ('Greenspire' Linden) to see deals.

We Are Northern Nevada's High Desert Garden And Landscape Experts

As the region's premier garden center nurseries and landscaper, we are dedicated to helping you take care of your yard, garden and outdoor space. Our plants, trees and shrubs are specifically grown for our high desert climate & soil. We also offer award-winning Landscape, Bird, Greenhouse, Organic, Florist, Gift and Rock services and products in Reno, Sparks and northern Nevada.

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Seeds Have Arrived! Plan Your 2015 Garden Now.

Without Winter ... Spring would not be so pleasant. See our High Desert Vegetable Planning Calendar to get started, click the raised-bed garden.

Wild Birds Need Food & Water in Winter!  Visit Us.

See www.WBU.com/reno for all about our local birds; make your backyard come alive. Freshest bird seed in town ... for the #2 Hobby in America!

Winter Planning or Planting - We Can Help with DIY

Expert winter help for your next landscape & garden project. Plant Doctors can visit your home for $90 that is refundable with plant purchases.

Now ... Have A Dog & A Beautiful Green Lawn!

Looks like grass, feels like grass, plays like grass! Superior artificial grass that drains. FieldTurf, only from Moana! 825-0602 x134

Interior Plant Design & Maintenance Services plus Containers Too

Improve your interior environment too - - beauty, clean air and professional care & maintenance. Free estimate (775) 825-0602 x134. Own, Lease or Rent.

Voted Best Locally ... Again ... Thanks!

Thank You for voting us best in the local market every year since 1967! Still striving to always deliver Better Plants. Better Advice. Better Results.

Voted Best Locally & Top 100 Nationally ... Reason Why?

Better Plants. Better Advice. Better Results. Our plants can survive the high desert because we grow them tough ... not fast ... and not in California!