Put the Fun in Fundraising

At Moana Nursery, we’re excited to unveil our latest initiative to empower non-profit organizations through an engaging fundraiser program. Introducing Moana Mumkin Sales – a simple yet effective fundraising program that promises to be a hit.


This opportunity is perfect for coaches, parents, principals, and PTO members looking for innovative ways to boost their funds! Choose Moana Nursery’s Mumkin Sales for your next fundraiser, and bring the joy and beauty of fall right to your community’s doorstep.


Chrysanthemums (Mum) + Jack-o-lantern Porch Pot = Mumkin

Vibrant and hardy garden mums (Grown locally in Minden, Nevada) paired with pumpkin face porch pots to merge & embrace the fall season and the spirit of Halloween!  Furthering our well-known tradition of having the lowest priced, largest, and best selection of pumpkins, this fundraising opportunity is a spectacular opportunity to raise money for your organization with a product that sells itself, chances are your friends & family are planning to buy mums for the fall season anyways!

Our mums, affectionately dubbed “Mumkins,” are not your average flowers. Grown with care at our new facility in Minden, Nevada, we guarantee that our Mumkins are of the highest quality. Our dedicated team of growers invests the entire summer in nurturing these perennials, focusing on their hardiness, vibrant colors, and blooming potential. The result? Exceptionally long-lasting flowers that will brighten your days from the early fall months & well into the season.


Mumkins will be available in 2 sizes, a 10″ pot for $25 (Mini-Mum) and a 12″ pot for $40 (Maxi-Mum). Your organization will keep 50% of every sale made, giving you the potential to earn thousands of dollars for your organization. (see earning examples below)

We will build a custom webpage for each organization enrolled in the Mumkins program. This makes it easy to share, sell, and buy the mums! Depending on the complexity of your organization we can create subpages for different parts of your organization (i.e. different teams, different age groups, different classrooms).  Earnings from these sales all go to your organization but will allow you to divide the funds proportionately based on which group sold them and create internal competition amongst your organization.

To purchase, all your donors have to do is select the organization they’d like to support, select one of 2 sizes, choose the Moana Nursery location they’d like to pick it up from, and then checkout like any other online purchase. They will be able to choose their desired Mum color when they pick up their Mumkin.

To help you spread the word, we have created ‘reminder cards’ that can be used as a sales tool. The card includes a QR code to the website, reminders & deadlines, pick up information, and care tips for the Mumkins. We will provide each team with enough cards to match their anticipated Mumkin sales, so they can be given freely to encourage sales.

Participating organizations will receive a nightly report of current Mumkin sales to help manage and keep everyone motivated to reach sales goals.

Once all sales are complete, we will enter all purchasers into a raffle. Chosen by random selection, one purchaser will be selected to win a $500 Moana Nursery gift card and and additional $1,000 is donated to the organization that made the sale. The winner will be contacted directly by Moana Nursery.


By May 15, all 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations interested in taking part in the program must submit an online application for consideration.

May 31: Moana Nursery selects participating organizations.

May – August:  Moana Nursery grows hardy mums at our local growing operation in Minden, Nevada. Check back to see frequent photo updates on their growth!

August 1 – September 9:  Participants sell the mums!

September 10 – September 29:  Purchasers can pick up their Mumkins from selected location. Farm-fresh Mumkins will be arriving daily from Minden. Mumkins in early September may not be in full bloom but will be shortly afterwards!

Sunday, September 22 (Fall Equinox):  A raffle determines one purchaser to win a $500 Moana Nursery gift card; $1,000 is donated to the organization that made the sale.


Can we provide a tax-deductible receipt for each purchase?

Yes! Moana Nursery will export the purchase record (including dollar amounts) and provide to the organization to issue as needed.

When will organizations receive their earnings?

On or around the Fall Equinox, Moana Nursery will invite each organization to come pick up a check for their earnings.

What is in it for Moana Nursery?

Each year, Moana Nursery donates to hundreds of local organizations.  Giving back & supporting our community is in our roots. Plus growing the mums at our local farm in Minden, NV., will help us keep the greenhouses full after spring/summer.  This crop of mums will add more than 5 months to the growing season, ensuring our growing team will stay busy & productive throughout the off-season.  We plan to test-grow some poinsettia’s this year, too. If that works out, we can extend our growing season even further and we may add a winter Fundraiser as well. Stay tuned for updates!

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