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Moana Nursery Workshops and Events

Our events and workshops are conducted by our friendly and knowledgeable staff and local garden experts, but are currently on hold.

Upcoming Seminar on Tactical Aviation Predators is coming in October 2021! Details below; Registration for limited tikets here:Owl overlay_with dates.jpg

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  • Seminars have been replaced mainly by our extensive video library and fact sheets resources. 
  • Questions & learning opportunities are also available from our High Desert Plant Finder & Guide resource as well as in-store from our Plant Doctors and knowlegeable staff.
  • Workshops and Events, once scheduled, will appear below. 


3 Special Wild Birds Predators Saturday Seminars, Up Close, Educational & Alive!

On October 9th, 16th, and 23rd fron 10 AM to Noon we will be hosting Kathleen Tigan of Tactical Avian Predators, Inc. in our Moana Lane seminar room. She will discuss the unique use of falconry to help wineries, growers, resorts, casinos, commercial properties, manufacturing plants, golf courses and airports. She will be joined by her avian co-workers: Louise, the Eurasian Eagle Owl, Zulu a Harris Hawk and a "special guest" Falcon. Kathleen will also explain how their specialized biology and anatomy allow them to be such efficient predators as well as how to identify raptors in the wild. Don't miss your chance to see these amazing birds close up! Only 35 tickets will be sold to each of the three Oct. dates. $20 tickets will support a donation to Animal Ark. Get tickets for you preferred date here ...

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Workshops & seminars, along with videos and fact sheets, plant finder & guide plus our blog and articles of interest are all great resources but don't forget our staff of green experts can answer questions and provide solutions every day in all three locations. Visit soon.

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