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Local and Timely High Desert Gardening Tips

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March 31st thru April 15th, 2021

Moana Nursery Teammates say, "For successful high desert gardening, NOW is the time to ............."

General Garden & Lawn Care:

  • Turn on your irrigation system and inspect for leaks, broken/clogged heads, coverage and other problems.  Or let Moana Nursery’s irrigation specialist do it for you; call 825-0602 x134 to schedule an appointment.
  • Release beneficial nematodes when nighttime temperatures are above 45 degrees for control of soil dwelling pests such as root weevils.  Ladybugs, praying mantids & lacewings can be released at the same time to control a wide range of garden pests.
  • Core aerate manually with a Yard Butler Coring Aerator, then fertilize your lawn if you haven’t yet done so. Use G&B Organics Lawn Fertilizer. If you have weed problems, use Concern Weed Prevention Plus with Lawn Food or Bonide Premium Lawn Food with Bonide Dura Turf Crabgrass & Weed Preventer for Lawns and Ornamental Beds.
  • Install Mason Bees & nest tube now to help with early pollination of fruit trees.
  • Start a new lawn from seed or repair an existing lawn; cover seed with G&B Organics Rose & Flower Planting Mix and use Dalen Holographic Scare Tape to protect from birds. Moana recommends Bonide Dura Turf Grass Seed.
  • To bring an old lawn renewed vigor, top dress with G&B Organics Rose & Flower Planting Mix to ¼ inch depth.  For even greater vigor, apply G&B Organics Lawn Fertilizer first.
  • Moana recommends Bonide Weed Beater Ultra for superior performance in cool weather on broadleaf weeds – i.e., dandelions, wild mustard and more.
  • Continue to kill cheatgrass and other weeds with Bonide KleenUp around plants or in flower beds.
  • Use Bonide Ground Force Vegetation Killer to kill unwanted plants where you don’t intend to plant for at least one year.

Tree and Shrub Care

  • Continue planting fruit trees – pear, apple, peach, cherry, nectarine, apricot & plum.
  • Use Codling Moth Traps, according to directions, to determine when and how often to treat pear and apple trees with Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew.
  • Feed fruit trees with a balanced fertilizer like G&B Organics Citrus & Fruit Tree Fertilizer.
  • Feed trees and shrubs that have been planted more than a year.  Moana recommends G&B Organics Paradise Fertilizer and systemic Bonide Annual Tree & Shrub Insect Control if insects have been a problem in the past. Please always follow all label directions when using pesticides.
  • Inspect trees and shrubs for insect and disease problems; treat immediately with appropriate product.
  • Prune spring flowering trees and shrubs immediately after they have bloomed.
  • Continue planting dormant roses.

Perennial & Annual Care

  • Plant summer bulbs with G&B Organics Bud & Bloom Fertilizer or Happy Frog Steamed Bone Meal.  Moana Nursery has a good selection of summer bulbs, including gladiola, dahlias, and others to enjoy this season.
  • Fertilize spring blooming bulbs with Happy Frog Steamed Bone Meal as new green growth emerges and when they finish flowering.
  • Pull back mulch from around the crowns of perennials.
  • Plant cool weather color, perennials, ornamental grasses & roses.
  • Now is the time to plant your perennials that will bloom later this season.  Choose from delphiniums, poppies, lupines and others to add to your perennial garden.
  • Divide mature summer and fall blooming perennials (except for daylilies, oriental poppies & iris) when they are 4-6 inches tall.

Indoor Plant Care:

  • It’s not too late to start tomatoes, other warm-season vegetables & annuals from seed indoors.
  • Attend to your houseplants with FoxFarm Grow Big Liquid Plant Food or Grow More Sea Grow All Purpose Plant Food.  We recommend adding SUPERthrive each time you water (1 drop per cup or ¼ tsp. per gallon)
  • Repot potbound houseplants with G&B Organics Eden Valley Blend Potting Soil with BIOCHARmax or G&B Organics Blue Ribbon Blend potting soil and water thoroughly with SUPERthrive as noted above.

Herb, Fruit & Vegetable Care:

  • Plant asparagus crowns, potatoes, onions and other cool season vegetables and fruit trees now. Use Dalen Season Starter and Frost Blanket to cover your lettuce and other cool season vegetables, allowing you to harvest sooner in our short, sporadic season.
  • Plant strawberries and pinch off first year flowers.
  • Fertilize raspberries and other brambles with G&B Organics Citrus & Fruit Tree Fertilizer.


  • Anna’s hummingbirds that may have overwintered, and other, new arrivals will be looking for nectar sources this month. Put out hummingbird feeders in order to attract new visitors. Change nectar at least weekly until they begin feeding regularly when you’ll have to refill frequently!
  • April is a nestbuilding month; place nesting materials out for them now and consider a Wild Birds Unlimited birdhouse for wrens, bluebirds or woodpeckers if they are visiting your yard.
  • Roosting boxes can supply a shelter for some nesting birds; doves and robins are quite likely to use a fabricated nesting shelf.
  • Reduce window strikes and potentially harmful territorial behavior of birds at windows with UV window decals and Stop Bir Attack.
  • Help celebrate Earth Day by installing an eco-friendly birdfeeder or nest box made from recycled milk jugs.
  • Continue to supply fresh water and change it every 5 days to keep it clean.  To prevent the chance of disease, clean birdbath weekly with a weak bleach solution and rinse well.
  • If you have a water feature, turn it on as soon as weather permits.
  • Install a customized Wild Birds Unlimited bird feeding station where you can easily watch the birds it attracts. To make you station especially attractive, plant bird-friendly flowers and shrubs nearby.
  • Provide mealworms to attract nesting birds to your yard and for the feeding of new nestlings. 
  • Offer WBU Nesting SuperBlend, WBU Bark Butter Bits, Peanut Butter n’Jelly Suet Dough or WBU Bark Butter to provide the extra calcium needed during nesting season.

Did you know that we can do the following for you?

  • Seasonal Containers, Small yard cleanup, Planting bed preparation, Garden Design, Installation and Maintenance (plus proper pruning and grooming by our Gardener Services Team)  call 825-0602 x134 for more info
  • Install and maintain indoor plants – Interior Plant Services team features design, clean-air plants, maintenance & more    - - call 825-0602 x134 for more info
  • Rent indoor plants for special events  - - call  825-0602 x134 for more info    
  • Irrigation system turn on and inspection for leaks, broken/clogged heads, coverage & other problems by Moana Irrigation Specialist)  Call 825-0602 x134 to schedule
  • Bulk Material Installation/Spreading -- call  825-0602 x218 
  • Create a backyard bird habitat; have a healthier landscape this year.
  • Certified Backflow Testing for commercial irrigation systems - $95 for testing & reporting. To make an appointment, call 825-0602 x134.
  • Make an appointment for an at-your site consultation; call our Plant Doctors - - all Aborists & High Desert Horticulturists.:
    • Diagnose disease & insect problems on trees, shrubs & lawns
    • Identify existing plants in your landscape and how to care for them
    • Provide plant placement for DIY customers

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