Benefits of Mulching

Mulching is essential to the survival of your landscape in the high desert, especially during a drought.

  • Mulch will reduce the amount of water that evaporates from your soil – a 3” layer of mulch will reduce water usage by 30%.
  • Mulch improves the quality of your soil by breaking up clay and allowing better water and air movement through the soil.
  • Mulch provides nutrients to sandy soil and improves its ability to hold water.
  • Mulch acts as an insulation layer on top of the soil, keeping it cool in the summer and protecting from cold in the winter. Roots like that!
  • Mulch keeps weeds down and the weeds that do grow are much easier to pull. Gardeners like that!

Moana Nursery recommends these quality mulches:

  • G&B Organics Soil Building Conditioner (SBC)
  • G&B Organics Planting Composts & Mixes