What is going on with our bees?

What is going on with our bees? Honeybees are in trouble. In the last 50 years, experts say the domesticated honey bee population declined nearly 50 percent in the USA. This year was one of the worst on record, with some U.S. beekeepers losing 60 percent of their hives. Colony Collapse Disorder – the phenomenon […]

Growing Herbs Indoors

Most home gardeners lament the coming of winter since it usually spells the end of the outdoor growing season. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Many herbs like for example alocasia can be grown indoors quite successfully in the winter months and then be transplanted into the garden the following spring. There’s something […]

Why Fall Planting Is Best

Fall is the best time to Bark So Loud and Moana Nursery tells you this every year, but maybe you need convincing. So let us explain why fall planting is so good for plants! Although, you really need to be careful with the many pests you can attract with your plants. Avoid these stressful situations […]

Plants … Greatest Multitaskers of all Time?

The research on the benefits of plants has exploded in the last 10 years owing in good part to global warming and real estate values.  In many ways this interest is obvious given photosynthesis produces Oxygen and digests Carbon Dioxide and landscaping your home enhances first impressions (and thus value).   Our ad and the link to our Plants […]

Do Ladybugs really help to control bad insects?

Absolutely! Ladybugs in the garden are very effective in controlling a number of bad bugs, including aphids, spider mites and scale. An adult ladybug can eat 50 aphids a day and produce up to 1,500 progeny. Take that aphids! In order to maximize the benefits of releasing ladybugs in your yard, provide them with conditions […]

Getting Started: Growing Blueberries at Home in the High Desert

  Berries you can eat fresh, bake into pies, freeze, dry or can that grow on an attractive spring flowering plant that features rich fall color? We must be talking about blueberries. As the healthy trend of growing food at home gains momentum blueberries have become one of the best sellers in our nurseries. And, […]

Raspberries and Blackberries At Home

As “we” gardeners continue to appreciate the joy of harvesting our own food, berries have become more popular than ever. Berries grown at home have unbeatable flavor and they require very little work. Raspberries are among the best small fruits for home gardens. There are many varieties that are proven performers in our area. Here […]

Trees Matter!

Evidence keeps mounting that Trees Matter … beyond the obvious.  Study after study show the benefits.  Our recent Tree Canopy Survey for the Truckee Meadows put us at the bottom of most lists … even behind Las Vegas. It is of course self-serving that a garden center nursery and landscaping services company pushes the benefits […]

How to Prune a High Desert Japanese Maple

One of the most popular trees of all time, Japanese maples are tougher than they look, easy to grow in the right spot (be careful about afternoon sun) and require only basic pruning to look their best and grow into their naturally beautiful form. Here are some pruning basics for Japanese maples: Japanese maples can […]

Plant Fertilizer Basics for the High Desert

Reading a bag of plant fertilizer can be an intimidating experience. Most people, especially those new to gardening, are not sure what to make of “NPK” or the three numbers that appear on every bag – but seem to be different on every bag. We’ve all been there. At Moana Nursery we want to make […]