If you’re wanting to start feeding the birds or looking to expand the offerings at your bird feeding station, you can learn more about the different types of feeders here!

Hopper Feeder

Attractive to large and small songbirds alike, and allow feeding of seeds and seed blends that are made of larger pieces like whole seed, nuts, and fruits.

Seed Tube Feeder

Ideal for perching and clinging birds, like the Lesser and American Goldfinches that are consistently one of the most reliable and enjoyable backyard feeder visitors. Seed tube feeders are not favored by ground feeding birds that prefer a wide, stable platform and do not work well for chunky mixes like those that contain fruit and whole peanuts, but they can be ideal for feeding a wide variety of songbirds while discouraging birds like pigeons.

Platform Feeder

Works very well for ground feeding birds like quail, dove, juncos, towhees, and sparrows. Because they are stable and provide good visibility, many birds are comfortable using a platform feeder.

Tray Feeder

Similar to the platform feeder, but larger birds may not be comfortable using a hanging tray. A favorite type of feeder for viewing birds and their behavior.

Suet Feeder

Can be very basic or quite elaborate, but the basic format should hold a suet cake and be easy to clean. Added features like a tail prop allow woodpeckers to position themselves comfortably while feeding.

Seed Cylinder Feeder

Can also be basic or elaborate, with additional options like seed trays, weather guards, and perches making them more functional in a variety of seasons.

Hummingbird Feeder

The obvious choice for hummingbirds but can attract a surprising variety of other birds as well. They can also be very decorative but do be sure to find one that is easy to clean and doesn’t drip.

Specialty Feeder

Includes mesh feeders for nyjer, sunflower, peanuts and bark butter bits, mealworm cups, and fruit and jelly feeders.