Well… not quite, but we like to think they are. Our pets are part of the family. For some of us, they are our kids, and a dog can be a challenge when trying to make your yard pet friendly.

Keeping a lawn in good condition with a large animal, or even a small one, can become taxing. They usually do their business in one spot if we trained them right but that doesn’t always happen. The yellow spots from urine can be unsightly and the other business can become stinky and unhealthy if left on the lawn for too long.

To make your life easier, figure out how your dog uses your landscape.

  • Does he have a favorite place he likes to lie down? If so, make it his and make it comfortable for him by installing a thick layer of mulch for him to lie in.
  • Does he make a path along the fence line? Create a path or walkway out of hardscape materials like DG or bark mulch to help keep dirt and mud off his paws. Since DG, small stones and mulch can be thrown around if you have a large dog who gallops around your yard, consider using stepping stones.
  • Does he run through your flower beds? Put some decorative fencing around them.

Or consider replacing the grass in a specific area with artificial turf – which is becoming popular with homeowners and their pets. With FieldTurf you can have a dog and a beautiful lawn. Dogs love it because it feels just like real turf. Muddy spots and yellow grass are gone. Dog waste won’t discolor or stain it and they cannot dig through it. Forget about dirty paws! It is the next best thing to real lawn. No harmful pesticides or fertilizers are needed, water usage is reduced by 70% and yard maintenance costs are reduced by 80%. Sound too good to be true? Check out the two Moana Nursery FieldTurf Pet Places at The Summit — across from Jos A Bank and Old Navy. This might be just what you’re looking for, though you’ll still need a pooper scooper!