Arborists & Plant Doctors

Moana Nursery's knowledgeable Plant Doctors and Arborists (and certified nurserymen & women) are ready to help you with your yard, garden, and landscape needs. We happily assist you in planning, selecting and planting your yard. We even offer a free "yard planning" service called Plan & Plant..

The following are examples of what our Horticultural Consultants can do while on site with a customer:

  1. Plant identification & helpful plant tips
  2. Insect and disease ID and ways to control
  3. Recommend corrective procedures for gardening problems
  4. Advice on yard maintenance practices
  5. Insurance estimates (no appraisals)
  6. Landscape design ideas; plant groupings & placement
  7. Quotes on planting jobs; referrals for design/bid jobs
  8. Rough bubble sketch to show placement of plants & other
    landscape components
  9. Diagnose plant problems
  10. Recommend “firescape” – safe plants & layout
  11. Pruning & shaping instructions for health & beauty
  12. Irrigation consulting & problem solving, including:
    • Programming irrigation controllers and “how to”
    • Adjusting spray heads
    • Winterizing/start-up irrigation system “how to”
    • Recommendations for fixing flawed or broken systems
  13. Personal shopper advice and special in-store help 

We are proud to have more High Desert Nursery Certified staff than all other garden centers, box stores and discounters combined.

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