Attracting birds to a garden gives a different perspective and interest to a garden. Watching birds feeding, chasing and playing can offer many relaxing and entertaining hours to the gardener. Planning a garden to attract birds can be accomplished by simply putting out a feeder and some water, though the greatest mix of bird species occurs where several habitats come together. With the right mix of trees, shrubs, vines and lawn, the needs of many bird species can be met. Backyard birdwatching allows gardeners to reclaim a very small part of the natural world lost to them by houses and shopping centers. The following is a list of the major species and varieties of trees that will grow in our area and attract birds.


Alpine Fir Seeds-insects-shelter
American Holly Fruit-shelter
American Sweet Gum Seeds-shelter
Amur Maple Buds-seeds-shelter
Black Alder Seeds-pollen-shelter
Burr Oak Acorns-insects-shelter
Canada Hemlock Seed-shelter
Cherry Fruit-shelter
Cockspur Hawthorn Fruit-insects-shelter
Colorado Blue Spruce Seeds-shelter
Colorado Green Spruce Seeds-shelter
Common Hackberry Fruit-shelter
Concolor Fir Seeds-insects-shelter
Crabapples Fruit-shelter
Engelmann Spruce Seeds-shelter
European Mtn. Ash Fruit-shelter
Flowering Dogwood Fruit-insects-shelter
Gambell Oak Acorns-insects-shelter
Grand Fir Seeds-insects-shelter
Hedge Maple Buds-seeds-shelter
Mountain Ash Fruit-shelter
Norway Spruce Seeds-shelter
Pines Seeds-shelter
Plum Fruit-shelter
River Birch Buds-seeds-insects
Rocky Mtn. Maple Buds-seeds-shelter
Serviceberry Fruit
Swamp White Oak Acorns-insects-shelter
Thinleaf Alder Seeds-pollen-shelter
Utah Juniper Fruit-shelter
Washington Hawthorn Fruit-insects-shelter
Western Hackberry Fruit-shelter
Western Hemlock Seeds-shelter
Western Juniper Fruit-shelter
Western Larch Seeds-shelter
White Mulberry Fruit-shelter


Alpine Currant Flowers-fruit-insects
American Elderberry Fruit-shelter
Barberry Fruit-shelter
Burning Bush Fruit-shelter
Common Snowberry Fruit-flowers
Coralberry Fruit-flowers
Cotoneaster Fruit-shelter
Father Hugo Rose Fruit-shelter
Firethorn/Pyracantha Fruit-shelter
Golden Currant Flowers-fruit-insects
Goldflame Honeysuckle (vine) Fruit-insects-shelter
Harison’s Yellow-Austrian Copper Rose Fruit-shelter
Holly Fruit-shelter

Japanese Honeysuckle (vine)Fruit-insects-shelter

Nanking Cherry Fruit-shelter
Oregon Grape Fruit-shelter
Purple Leaf Plum Fruit-shelter
Red Elderberry Fruit-shelter
Red Tip Photinia Fruit-shelter
Redtwig Dogwood Fruit-insects-shelter
Rose Fruit-shelter
Serviceberry Fruit
Tatarian Honeysuckle Fruit-insects-shelter
Viburnum species Fruit-shelter-insects
Western Sand Cherry Fruit-shelter
Yellowtwig Dogwood Fruit-insects-shelter