Questions to consider before purchasing a living Christmas Tree:

  1. Where are you going to plant it after Christmas? Most of the trees sold as living Christmas trees grow 40 feet or more so will need adequate space to thrive as well as the proper light and
  2. Living Christmas trees should stay inside the home the shortest time possible no more than ten days. Remember living Christmas trees have no warranty. Spray with Bonide Wilt Stop before bringing inside to prevent drying out. It will remove the blue green color, so if you have a tree with blue green needles, consult a Moana Nursery teammate first.

Care Tips:

  • Place the tree away from all heat sources, fireplaces, space heaters, heating vents, electrical appliances and
  • Water fresh trees daily; add ¼ tsp. of SUPERthrive to each gallon of water. Constructing or buying an inexpensive siphon system will make it easier to continue watering once there are presents under the tree. A clear vinyl saucer will protect your flooring.
  • Decorate with LED lights, which give off less heat and are more energy

Planting Tips:

  • Plan ahead: Dig the hole now before the ground freezes. Follow instructions on planting guide. Fill hole with straw or burlap and cover hole with plywood so no one falls Keep soil and amendments in garage or shed so that they do not freeze.
  • It is important to not move your tree directly outdoors for The extreme temperature differential from indoor to outdoor could adversely affect the viability of your tree.
  • Move your tree to an unheated garage near a source of outside light for several days. A carport or porch could be substituted in the absence of a garage. The amount of time is dependent on the outside temperature. Decrease the time if it is unseasonably Increase the time for extreme cold.
  • After the appropriate time in the garage, move the tree to a protected outside location close to the house. The amount of time at this location is dependent upon the extremes in the
  • Add one ¼ of SUPERthrive to each gallon of water when you plant the tree. It is extremely important to water your tree the appropriate amount once it is in the ground. This will vary according to the amount of precipitation and temperature. Please refer to our Winter Watering Guideline Fact Sheet for amounts and procedures.