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Moana Nursery's Local Savings and Rewards Programs

Valuable Savings & Rewards: See latest Sales & Deals here.

For timely gardening and landscape advice, see our Timely Tips ..."Now is the time to"  here, which is updated every two weeks throughout the year.

For Rewards & More - - Click here to review 2021 Rewards Brochure (tri-fold)!  New year retail program with all the benefits. Importantly, an email address is required for participation in the 2022 Rewards Program. See 2022 Rewards Program HERE.

Now - Sign up in-store or here - via our online sign up for the Rewards Program and online shopping.

This program was designed exclusively for loyal Moana Nursery customers to reward you with valuable savings and other worthwhile benefits. In 2020, please note that email addresses are required for savings notification in this program.

Member Benefits

  • Exclusive members only offers and promotions
  • Invitations to special events
  • Special shopping incentives emailed** to your home
  • Warranties maintained online
  • Returns & Exchanges without receipts
  • Advance notice on sales
  • “The High Desert Gardener” online newsletter
  • 40% off every day on tools, gloves & irrigation system parts
  • A subscription to our Wild Birds Unlimited Nature News - all about LOCAL birds.

**snail mail will be eliminated in 2019 requiring all Rewards Members to have a valid email.

How to Earn Money Back
Your Moana purchases earn Reward Certificates. Just give the cashier your phone number or address and start earning! Spend $100 or more during each 6 month cycle - - January 1 to June 30 and July 1 to December 31 - - and receive your reward. At the end of each cycle, you’ll automatically be mailed your reward certificate.