Why do you want us to do the planting for you?

We are here to provide expert help, Moana Nursery will take all of the guess work out of your planting experience by providing the proper soil amendments and nutrients your plants need to thrive and will dig the hole too!
Sit back and relax, while we do the work!

Purchase Plants & Planting Service

At any of our 3 stores, we offer a variety of plants for all areas in your yard. When purchasing your plants make sure to add the planting service to your order so that we can bring your plants directly to you!

Prepare Your Planting Site

  • Your planting area(s) must be accessible to our team & equipment. Fences, narrow gates, ditches, rocks, retaining walls, stairs, steep grades or other obstacles may incur additional charges or result in the cancellation of your service.
  •  The planting area must be clear of debris & impediments, such as existing vegetation & landscaping rock. Our team is not able to remove existing trees or shrubs, living from the planting area. However, we are happy to recommend service providers that can clear the area prior to our planting.
  • Excessive roots or rock underneath the surface of the planting area may incur additional charges or result in the cancellation of your service.

Fill out site questionnaire

Scan this QR Code or click the link below to fill out our Planting Site survey. This will help our team come better prepared with what your site may need.

Planting Service Questionnaire

Schedule Planting Service

Upon completion of the form, one of our teammates will contact you to schedule your planting appointment.

If you have any questions, our contact info follows:

Planting & Delivery Coordinator

Prepare your site

  • Mark the planting area with white flags, white paint, or flour– this will help us clear the proper area before planting. For specific plant placement, write the name of the plant on a marker and place in desired location.

  • If your service includes drip irrigation work, please mark irrigation tubing so it can be easily identified.

  • Clear the planting area of landscape rock, mulch & debris.

  • Ensure there is a direct & clear path for our crew to access the planting area(s). Consider moving cars, unlocking/unlatching gates & keeping pets indoors.

Enjoy & maintain your new planting

  • Don’t let them dry out! The soil around each plant should be somewhat moist, but not wet. In warmer months, this may require supplementary watering, beyond what your irrigation system provides. After about 3 weeks, your plant will be more tolerant of drying & you can rely more on the schedule of your irrigation system.

  • Plant shock is common. The appearance of wilting or ‘flagging’ leaves usually diminishes as the plant stabilizes in its new home. Water-wisely, overwatering can exacerbate the effect of transplant shock.

  • Call us anytime! We are invested in your success and are always happy to answer questions & provide guidance.

  • We’ve got your covered. If your tree, shrub, vine, grass, or perennial is planted in the ground & adequately cared for, it is covered by our plant warranty for one year from the date of purchase & is eligible for a one-time replacement.

  • Encourage their roots to spread. Drip emitters should be moved gradually outward each year to encourage outward root growth. Place additional drip emitters as needed.

  • Remove support stakes after 1 year to stabilize growth.

  • Keep feeding them! We recommend adding nutrients like G&B Organics Paradise Fertilizer, every 2 months during the growing season.

  • Mulching helps retain moisture. Mulching around your plant with G&B Soil Building Conditioner is highly recommended any time of year.

Have You Purchased Your Planting Service and Prepared Your Site?

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Advantages of Moana Grown Plants

  • Grown in a comparable 4-seasons climate – high desert cold hardy
  • Plant size in scale with container size
  • Quality caliper, container size, and root ball
  • Quality warranty – species-specific – vast selection
  • Only proven plants grown to the standards set forth by our northern Nevada Certified Nurserymen