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Moana Nursery - Canby, Oregon Wholesale Sales

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General Information

ORDER ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Customers will be sent a written acknowledgement upon receipt of a written purchase order or a verbal telephone order. All orders will be shipped as promised except if the crop is delayed by unexpected growing conditions. We reserve the right to cancel an order should injury befall the stock from drought, fire, frost, errors in count, disease or other conditions beyond our control.

PRICES: Prices listed are for trade only and cancel all previous prices offered by us. Prices are quoted FOB our nursery, Canby, Oregon, and are subject to change without notice.

TERMS: Unless a customer has been pre-approved for credit, all orders must be paid at time of delivery (C.O.D.) A fifty percent (50 %) deposit is required on all orders, balance due upon delivery. Customers with established credit will be net thirty (30) days. Cancellation after order of stock is dug and assembled will be subject to a fifteen percent (15 %) restocking charge. All cancellations must be submitted in writing thirty (30) days prior to estimated shipping date. A shipping date must be established at the time of order. Any unpaid stock not shipped within thirty (30) days of designated shipping date will become available for resale to others.
*Discounts apply only to those accounts that are current.

GRADING STANDARDS: Moana Nursery uses those standards adopted by the American Nurseryman as a guideline.

SHIPPING: Moana Nursery must be notified at least two (2) days prior to ship date, or loading time may be delayed. All shipments travel at the risk and cost of buyer. Our responsibility ceases on delivery to carrier. Invoicing of freight charges is separate from plant material invoicing. In-transit damage claims should be made to the carrier.

CLAIMS: Inspect all stock as soon as you receive it. Claims for shortages or damages must be made at the time of delivery. Claims must be filed within two (2) days after receipt of stock shipment. Otherwise shipment will be deemed satisfactory. Moana Nursery shall not be responsible for more than the purchase price of the stock. Buyer agrees to file any claims against the carrier for any stock damage in transit. Buyer agrees to pay the total price indicated on the invoices within thirty (30) days of the receipt of the stock. Any sums due Moana Nursery after thirty (30) days will incur a service charge of one and one-half percent (1-1/2 %) monthly thereafter. If this account is referred to an attorney, the buyer agrees to pay all of Moana Nursery’s reasonable attorney’s fees, even though no suit has been filed, and if a suit is filed the buyer agrees to venue in Clackamas County, Oregon and will pay court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees.

GUARANTEE: Moana Nursery expressly warrants that all trees purchased will be true to name and in good healthy condition when they leave the nursery. Moana Nursery gives no further expressed or implied warranty as to quality, productivity or any other mater whatsoever and under no
circumstances will be held liable for more than the invoice price at the time of purchase.

24395 S. Barlow Road, Canby, Oregon 97013
Phone: (503) 266-8170 * Fax (503) 266-8035

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Joe Dula ... General Manager

The Nursery in Canby was established in 1980
Corporate Offices
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