Design + Build project delivery method is a collaboration between ownership and Moana Nursery. Using the Design + Build method we streamline the design, budgeting estimating and construction processes into one vehicle so you get the results you want with an investment within your budget.


All design + build projects start with a consultation where our team listens to your wants and needs. We want to know how you intend to use the space and what you want to accomplish with this investment. Whether it is the home of your dreams or a commercial property that needs to meet minimal code our team of designers and landscape architects will start the process with this consultation. Establishing a budget is a critical first step so our team can help you maximize this investment. *Please note that we do charge a residential deposit of $100 for this consultation that will be applied to the value of your project if you elect to proceed.


Our designers will incorporate your wants, needs and project specific requirements into an initial design with a general budget for your review. Once completed our design team will work with you to make initial changes or modifications to this scope of work while walking you through each of the elements and answering your questions.


Once a design is finalized our team will prepare a detailed proposal including all of the necessary scope of work to ensure the project is created to your specification while staying within your budget and providing alternate options so you can best choose how you will invest in the property.

Project Execution

With a finalized design and scope of work our Landscape Teammates can get to work building a landscape that will thrive in our high desert environment. Our highly skilled teams take great care in creating a beautiful landscape and outdoor space not only for now but the decades to come. We focus on installation practices that protect structures and the property from drainage issues, plus ensure future maintenance is easy allowing all of your plants and trees to grow. We are committed to helping you and your project succeed now, and into the future.

With a finalized design