Celebrate Art Town

Gardening in the high desert of northern Nevada is a unique and creative endeavor, blending the harsh beauty of the arid landscape with vibrant, life-giving greenery. The challenges presented by the high desert—such as extreme temperatures, limited water, and nutrient-poor soil—require gardeners to adopt innovative techniques and artistic approaches. Each garden becomes a canvas, with plants selected and arranged to not only survive but thrive in this demanding environment. The juxtaposition of drought-tolerant plants, colorful wildflowers, and resilient succulents against the stark desert backdrop creates a living masterpiece that evolves with the seasons.

Gardeners in the high desert craft spaces that are both functional and beautiful, honoring the natural world while infusing their personal creativity. The result is a harmonious blend of nature and art, a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of those who cultivate these striking desert gardens.

Local Artistry Takes Root

Experience the fusion of nature and art with unique garden sculptures by renowned local artist Jeff Schomberg. Known for his contributions to Burning Man and iconic downtown Reno sculptures, Jeff crafts his pieces from steel and recycled river rock. His stylized sculptures, inspired by northern Nevada’s wildlife, offer a distinctive interpretation of nature, blending durable steel with natural elements for a visually striking and environmentally conscious addition to any outdoor space. Each piece is for sale by artist & can be purchased at Moana Nursery.

Experience Flower Art Every Saturday

Join us at our Moana Lane location every Saturday this month from 10 AM to 2 PM for ‘flower tattoos.’ These stemless, adhesive tape flowers are perfect for adding an artistic touch to your outfit. Each 6-bud tattoo is $5, with a smaller version available for kids for free.

*Please note this is only available at our Moana Lane location*

Celebrate the Beauty of Gardening

Explore the intersection of art and gardening with Moana Nursery this Art Town Month. Visit our stores to discover stunning garden art and enjoy our unique flower tattoos, celebrating the creativity and beauty that gardening brings to our lives.

Come join us in celebrating the art of gardening at Moana Nursery during Art Town Reno!