From Moana Nursery, you can get a fountain set up to enjoy the relaxing sounds of trickling water. This will help keep you free from debris and algae while also maintaining levels so that it’s easy for guests or family members who come over during warmer months!


The next steps will help you understand what to expect with the setup service and how you can help us ensure your fountain is installed properly.


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Prepare your location

  • A level, sturdy foundation is essential. Fountains rely on gravity to function properly. Ground that Is not level or uneven could cause a fountain to fall. Concrete, pavers, or some other non-earth material is advised.

  • A GCFI (water-safe) outlet is needed. If one does not exist close enough to your desired location, call a licensed electrician to install one to avoid the use of extension cords. Garden hoses can be great as a water source and smaller fountains can easily be filled by watering can; however, the water level in your fountain will lower over time due to splashing or evaporation so it is essential that it is filled periodically to prevent the pump from running while dry and potentially burning the motor out.

  • Your desired location must be accessible to our team and their equipment in order to safely transport your fountain to its desired location. Obstacles such as, but not limited to, fences, narrow gates, doorways, ditches, rocks, retaining walls, stairs, and steep grades may incur additional costs or result in cancellation of your setup service.

Fill out site questionnaire

Visit and complete the questionnaire.

  • Uploading photos of your desired fountain location will help us a great deal.
  • Once you have submitted your set up questionnaire, please allow two working days for our coordinator to schedule your set up service.

Moana Nursery’s planting coordinator will call

Moana Nursery’s fountain set up coordinator will call the number you provide in order to schedule your fountain installation date/time!

Finalize location preparations before installation

  • Ensure your desired location is sturdy, level, or non-earth foundation.
  • If work needs to be done to your location, it may result in an additional fee or in exceptionally difficult cases, may result in cancellation of your setup service.
  • The must be a wide, clear path for our crew to safely transport the fountain.
  • Moving vehicles, unlocking/unlatching gates, and keeping pets away will help expedite your service.
  • If you will not be home during the setup, be sure the desired area is clearly marked, and that water I available for our crew to test the fountain.

Enjoy your fountain

  • Maintain water at a high level in your fountain; never allow your fountain to run dry while operating. Bubbles or suction noises are a sure sign your pump is taking in air.
  • Keep are free of debris like leaves.
  • If algae develop, drain the fountain, scrub with a non-metal brush, and then rinse. Never use pool chemicals, bleach, chlorine, or antifreeze on your fountain as these can damage the cement. Water clarifying or mineral inhibitors intended for fountains are ok to use.
  • Drain fountain for the winter before freezing temperatures. Freezing will cause fast deterioration of the concrete and pump.
  • Purchase a fountain cover to maintain the value and operation of your fountain investment.
  • Moana Nursery will cover your pump failure for one year, so long as the failure did not occur by dry operation or any other case of neglect or accidental damage not caused by Moana Nursery.
  • Hairline cracks are not guaranteed as they are expected with cement.
  • Discoloration of your fountain or the surface underneath it also not covered by the Moana Nursery guarantee.
  • Cracks of a substantial nature (where the light will pass through) are covered with in six months of installation as long as they are not a result of freezing or accident occurring under the owner’s care.

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