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In-Store or At-Your-Site (Home or Business) Landscape & Garden Consultation

SteveConsulting.jpgGet knowledgeable help from a true professional, right in your own backyard or in-store. Schedule a visit with our arborists, experienced local horticulture and high desert gardening experts.

Have gardening questions? Want to know how to grow fruit trees in the high desert? Indoor Plants? How to get rid of brown spots in the lawn? Make a plant wish list perfect for you?

In-Store or At-Your-Site Help:

Beat the rush during spring and BOOK below a ONE-ON-ONE Instore Plant Doctor Consultation. Bring questions, pictures, topics to help us really focus on providing meaningful assistance.

1. 60 minute consultation: $150

2. 30 minute consultation: $75

On the appointment form below, please note your store preference.

We also offer two different AT-YOUR-SITE horticultural consulting services:  

1.  At-Your-Site Planning, Diagnostic & Design Assistance    

On-site high desert expertise, tailored to your property and needs.

$180 for first hour; $90 for each additional 30 min. block 

2.  At-Your-Site House Call                     

Need an on-site diagnosis?  We can help.

$100, 30 minute visit to diagnose specific issue.  Customer does not need to be present.  Scheduling at the plant doctor’s availability.

Pick up a horticulture consultation form at any of our garden centers to set up an appointment or email us at and we can email it to you.  Or, use the form below to BOOK NOW . . . and, you can return here for scheduling (or, talk to our Plant Doctors at each location.)  Payment is due when appointment is scheduled. Appointments will not be taken April 27 thru June 7th so that our most knowledgeable staff will be in our stores for spring shopping.

Our services include:

  • Plant/tree identification and plant inventories
  • Diagnosis of plant (and tree) problems
  • Pest identification and  methods of control
  • Advice on yard and gardening maintenance
  • Pruning and shaping instructions for health and beauty
  • Suggested plant lists with pricing, specific for your property
  • “Personal shopper” advice and in-store help
  • Sketches for plant placement and general design
  • Insurance estimates (no appraisals)
  • ‘Firescaping’ – suggested plants and general layout
  • Irrigation troubleshooting and “how-tos”
  • Backyard habitat evaluation & advice – attraction and “good riddance” . . . birds & more
  • General water conservation recommendations**

Consultants do not provide formal landscape designs/plans, but they can provide a rough sketch with key features and/or a seamless transition to our landscape services design staff.

Please Note: Our experts are NOT available between Saturday, April 27 through Sunday, June 7 due to the seasonal  demand of our in-store customers.

**Irrigation system tune-up and modernization to conserve water, reduce water bill & grow healthier plants is a highly valued service performed by our Water-wise Irrigation Specialists at (775) 825-0602 x 134.