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High Desert Gardening Fact Sheets from Moana Nursery

Planted in 1970 from a five gallon container, this towering Sequoia (Redwood) symbolizes the growth, beauty, and longevity of Moana Nursery and the plants it proudly produces and sells

Below is our current list of helpful information fact sheets (FAQ's) on a variety of topics that we have put together based on local knowledge; these fact sheets are available as handouts at all of the information centers located inside Moana Nursery locations. Scroll down the list of explanatory subjects & titles and click to see any or all of these helpful fact sheets. If you don't see the answer to your question here, please visit our knowledgeable staff or email your question to Moana Nursery:

High Desert Gardening ... Timely, Local Tips Updated Every Two Weeks Approx.

Official Planting Guide from Moana Nursery

New High Desert Plant Finder & Guide

Successful Gardening in Northern Nevada

What is Drought Tolerant? (Definition)

Choosing High Desert Water-wise Plants

Benefits of Mulching

Proper Timing for Pruning

Right Plant, Right Place

Successful Gardening in Double Diamond

Selecting and Growing Fruit Trees in Northern Nevada

New ... Treatment and Control of High Desert Noxious/Invasive Weeds (52 Pages with pics)

Top 5 Easily Correctable Mistakes Made By New High Desert Gardeners

Insects & Pests


Spider Mites



Deer & Deer Resistant High Desert Plants

Deer Resistant Plants (4 pages from UNR Cooperative Extension)

Rabbit Resistant Plants


Vole Control

Special Plants & Indoor Plants Care

Types of Roses

General Rose Pruning

Deadheading Roses

Pruning Japanese Maples

Poinsettia Care

Amaryllis Care

Christmas Cactus Care

Plants that Attract Butterflies

Attract Hummingbirds to Your Yard

Attract Bees to Your Yard

Container Plants for Fall & Winter

Container Plants for Spring

Fleshy Succulents Plant Care

Air Plant (Tillandsia) Plant Care

Outdoor Bonasi Tree Care

Paperwhite Planting Instructions (Forcing Paperwhites)

Venus Fly Trap Care

Dwarf Citrus High Desert Tree Care


Turf Maintenance

New Lawn Installation

Fairy Ring


Nevada High Desert Soils

Irrigation & Watering

Drip Irrigation

Efficient Watering

Water Wisely for Healthy Plants

Winter Watering

Turning Your Irrigation System On & Off - One Page Illustrated Fact Sheet Here - - (full video click below)

Orchid Care

Dendrobium Care

Miltonia Care

Phalaenopsis Care

Oncidium Care

Cattleya Care

Paphiopedilum Care

Winter Landscape Care

Winterizing Your Landscape

Water Gardening Guidelines

Winterizing Your Pond

Winter Watering

Winter Maintenance for Fountains, Containers & Bird-Baths


Keeping Seed Fresh and Healthy for the Birds

Attracting Birds to Your Garden

General Gardening Information

Composting at Home

Defensible Space and Fire Resistant Plants

Grow Clean Air

Bronze Birch Borer

Living Christmas Tree Care

Fresh Cut Christmas Tree Care

Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Fountain, Bird Bath, Planter & Statuary Care & Maintenance

Moana Nursery's High Desert Vegetable Calendar(Excel version)

Proper Tree Maintenance (one page from Virginia Tech)

High Desert Vegetable Calendar ... When to start and plant, etc. (PDF version)

Northern Nevada Deer Resistant Plants - 4 pages from Cooperative Extension

Got some time? Read our high desert gardening and landscaping blog filled with short articles on relevant topics designed to supplement all the specific fact sheets shown here. See our blog here.

How much shoud I water???  (Our #1 asked question in the High Desert.)  The answer to that question is ... you need to water enough to keep the soil evenly moist. With our warm and windy weather and especially for new plantings, that may mean every day but probably not. Until you get a good feel for how much water your plants need, the best thing to do is to gently poke around the soil just below the surface and adjacent to the root ball. The soil just outside the root ball should be moist but not wet. If you were to grab a handful it would clump together when squeezed but not drip any water. Factors such as sun exposure, wind, soil conditions and your irrigation method will all influence the water frequency needed. Eventually infrequent but deep watering will keep your plants healthy but until they develop an established root system you will need to monitor them closely.

A Mighty Oak from a #5 Moana-Grown tree! Visit our Garden Centers for hundreds of hardy, high desert choices. Come ask our knowledgeable staff and plant doctor/arborists ... get a "Plan & Plant" for that DIY landscape project (see it here) and a "Planting Guide" for best results!