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Arborists and Plant Doctors

Moana Nursery's knowledgeable Plant Doctors and Arborists (and certified nurserymen & women) are ready to help you with your yard, garden, and landscape needs. We happily assist you in planning, selecting and planting your yard. We even offer a free "yard planning" service called Plan & Plant.. Here is a link to our At-Your-Site Consulting Services and more.Jon Bruyn.jpg

The following are examples of what our Horticultural Consultants can do while on site with a customer:

  • Plant identification and plant inventories
  • Diagnosis of plant problems
  • Pest identification and  methods of control
  • Advice on yard and gardening maintenance
  • Pruning and shaping instructions for health and beauty
  • Suggested plant lists with pricing, specific for your property
  • “Personal shopper” advice and in-store help
  • Sketches for plant placement and general design
  • Insurance estimates (no appraisals)
  • ‘Firescaping’ – suggested plants and general layout
  • Irrigation troubleshooting and “how-tos”
  • Backyard habitat evaluation & advice – attraction and “good riddance” . . . birds & more
  • General water conservation recommendations**

Consultants do not provide formal landscape designs/plans, but they can provide a seamless transition to our landscape services design staff.

**Irrigation system tune-up and modernization to conserve water, reduce water bill & grow healthier plants is a highly valued service performed by our Water-wise Irrigation Specialists at (775) 835-0602 x 134.

We are proud to have more High Desert Nursery Certified staff than all other garden centers, box stores and discounters combined.

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