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Tree Land: Reno Tree Nursery

Northern Nevada's Best Tree Selection, Varieties & Sizes

Tree Land is located at our 10-acre S. Virginia Street Garden Center Nursery but all three locations are packed with trees and more. And, all are grown high desert tough!

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Moana_Grown_Sign.jpgMoana Nursery’s Tree Land has a large selection of big, mature and healthy landscape trees, with choices that are both cold-hardy and acclimated to our high desert climate, micro-climates and soils. We carry deciduous/leafy and conifer/evergreen trees in sizes not available anywhere else in northern Nevada. Come see our specimen tree collection and instantly create a mature landscape!

Moana Nursery’s Tree Land is located at our 10 acre South Virginia St. location; all our garden center nurseries sell trees and shrubs in less robust sizes including our two additional locations on Moana Lane in Reno and Pyramid Way in Sparks, just north of McCarran Blvd.

Moana Nursery grows its own trees on our farm in Canby, Oregon, where the four-season climate is similar to northern Nevada and we are able to control the quality of our high desert trees and shrubs from seed to sapling and beyond. We grow over 100 varieties of trees and over 200 varieties of shrubs & perennials at our farm, all of which are grown to be well-suited to our high desert climate in the Great Basin.

Some of the common tree species we sell include the following examples (we cannot guarantee that all of these trees will be available at any given time of year):

  • Maples (several varieties & shapes)

  • Flowering Ornamentals like Crabapple & Pear

  • Pines including Austrian & other varieties

  • Spruces

  • Aspen

In addition to the help you will receive from our staff of experts when you buy a tree or shrub from Moana Nursery, we have the following resources created relating to trees, shrubs & perennials:

Tree Land at the South Virginia Street Nursery
11301 S. Virginia St., South Reno
(775) 853-1319