Interior Plant Design, Seasonal Container & Maintenance Services

  • Indoor Plant Specialists ... Greenhouse full of "clean-the-air" choices that bring life to any room with color and texture.container photo_Moana Nursery.JPG 

  • Interiorscape Design ... Free estimate for your business or residence.

  • Plant Maintenance ... Commercial & Residential ... weekly or bi-weekly.

  • In-Home & Business Consultations ... "Indoor plant doctors" $90/hour, credit back with purchase.

  • Purchase, Lease or Rental ... Purchase of plants & containers, with/without maintenance service; long-term lease of plants & containers with maintenance service; short-term rental of indoor & outdoor plants & containers.

  • Greenhouse/Pottery/Containers ...Access to complete garden center inventory & choices.

  • Living Art & Green Walls ... Hot new trend in beauty, clean air and unique design.

  • Florist at Moana Program ... Add to your interior design with fresh, fragrant flowers, Green Living Art.JPGregularly refreshed.

  • Seasonal Containers, Indoors & Out ... Color for the home, patio or entrance, seasonally appropriate.

  • Faux Plant & Flower Arrangements ... Designed for your interior space and can include maintenance.ContainerPlanting.jpg

Improve your "inner garden" with Interior Plant Services from Moana Nursery.  Get all the beauty, clean air and work/home environment upgrade without any care or maintenance headaches.  Let a professional set it up just right, and take care of it by calling today ... (775) 825-0602 ext.134.  Get a free estimate to do as much or as little as you need.  Go big or small, we have it all. Green Wall.JPGLargest Green Wall Installation in northern Nevada.

Email our general manager, Vicky Ross, directly at