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March 15th to March 31st, 2015

Moana Nursery Teammates say, "For successful high

desert gardening, NOW is the time to ..........." 

Visit this helpful link on high desert winter watering to read our fact sheet “Winter Watering.”

Now is a great time to turn on your irrigation system to water your landscape for a day and check for leaks, misaligned heads & clogged emitters.  Turn the system off and drain by 4:00 pm to protect from freezing.  Or you can get out your hoses and water. 

Remember -- plants in the ground, especially newly planted trees, shrubs and perennials, need the equivalent of one inch of precipitation per month.   Plants in containers need more since they dry out faster.  Use a soil probe to check your soil; it it’s dry, you need to water.

General Garden & Lawn Care:

  • Apply pre-emergent weed control to prevent germination of weeds and unwanted plants in your landscape.  Moana recommends: Green Light Amaze and Monterey Weed Impede for flower beds & non-planted areas, hillsides, paths, etc.) and Bonide Weed Beater for lawns. Aerate your lawn, and if necessary, dethatch.
  • Feed lawn with Dr. Earth Lawn Fertilizer.
  • Prevent and kill any existing crabgrass with Bonide Weed Beater Complete --a pre & post-emergent.
  • Rake up remaining leaves and debris, but leave a little for nesting material for the birds.
  • Start a compost pile; consider an Achla Spinning Composter for faster composting.
  • Sharpen tools and pruners – drop off at Moana Nursery on Moana Lane.

Tree and Shrub Care

  • Purchase and plant dormant Star roses with Dr. Earth Rose & Flower Planting Mix and Dr. Earth Starter Fertilizer or Dr. Earth Rose & Flower Fertilizer now.  Dormant roses offer a greater selection than roses available in May and since there are no leaves, the cane structure is clearly visible.  Planting them now will promote strong roots and beautiful blooms earlier than if you waited until May to buy roses already in leaf and bloom.
  • Plant fruit trees – pear, apple, peach, cherry, apricot, nectarine & plum -- on a dry day with Dr. Earth Fruit Tree Planting Mix and Dr. Earth Fruit Tree Fertilizer; mulch with Gardner & Bloome Soil Building Compost.  Plant trees and shrubs while they are still dormant -- before they break bud. 
  • Feed existing fruit trees with Dr. Earth Fruit Tree Fertilizer.
  • Expand drip system before you plant dormant trees, shrubs and perennials.
  • If fruit & large deciduous trees have broken bud do not spray now.  Wait until after the petals have fallen to spray with Bonide All Seasons Horticultural & Dormant Oil to control aphids, scale or mites that were a problem in the past.  If fungal diseases such as peach leaf curl and powdery mildew have been a problem, wait until petals have fallen to spray with Bonide Copper Fungicide.  Use according to label.  Avoid spraying on windy days.
  • Feed trees, shrubs and perennials that have been planted more than a year with Dr. Earth Life Fertilizer. 
  • Apply systemic Bonide Annual Tree & Shrub Insect Control as soon as ground thaws to provide protection before insects like aphids become active.
  • Apply Bonide Repels All to protect spring blooms, trees & shrubs from rabbits and deer.
  • Prune summer flowering shrubs & trees.

Perennial & Annual Care

  • Cut back close to the ground all ornamental grasses & perennials.
  • Gently press back any perennials that heaved out of the ground over winter.
  • Plant cool-season flowers – primrose, pansies, violas, candytuft, thyme, and others with Dr. Earth Starter Fertilizer.
  • Plant summer blooming bulbs – dahlias, gladiola, crocosmia, lily of the valley, and others now with Dr. Earth Bulb Food.

Indoor Plant Care:

  • Begin fertilizing houseplants with Dr. Earth All Purpose Liquid Fertilizer or Osmocote Outdoor & Indoor Slow Release Fertilizer as new growth begins.

Herb, Fruit & Vegetable Care:

  • Start an edible garden – plant radish, lettuce and cabbage seeds, onions, potatoes, asparagus, garlic, shallots, strawberries, rhubarb, horseradish and Swiss chard, using Dr. Earth Vegetable Planting Mix and a Smart Pot, raised bed or container.
  • Visit our square foot and container edible demonstration gardens at all three locations.
  • Prune grapevine & raspberry bushes and feed with Dr. Earth Fruit Tree Fertilizer.
  • Start warm-season annual and vegetable seeds indoors with a HydroFarm Grow Tray and Heat Mat.
  • Grow herbs and smaller vegetables with a Sun Blaster adjustable light fixture.


  • With wild birds’ natural food supply at its lowest this month, offer them high energy foods like peanuts, suet, Bark Butter and mealworms.
  • Some birds will begin building their nests this month; place nesting materials out for them now and consider a Wild Birds Unlimited birdhouse for wrens, chickadees or woodpeckers if they are visiting your yard. 
  • Offer Calcium or Peanut Butter n’Jelly suet dough to provide the extra calcium needed during nesting season.
  • Continue to supply fresh water and change it every 5 days to keep it clean. 
  • If you have a water feature, turn it on as soon as weather permits. 
  • Install a customized Wild Birds Unlimited bird feeding station where you can easily watch the birds it attracts.

Did you know that we can do the following for you? Call 825-0602 ext.134.

  • Install and maintain indoor plants – new Plant Services business features design, clean-air plants, maintenance & more.
  • Plant rental service.
  • Seasonal container & bedding service.
  • Custom Container drop-off & pick up.
  • Bulk Material Installation/Spreading.
  • Design & install holiday lighting.
  • Tune up your landscape and irrigation system. Conserve water!
  • Add a water feature.
  • Design and install a new landscape.
  • Upgrade an existing landscape.
  • Install a driveway, patio and other hardscapes.
  • Install FieldTurf (EasyTurf) artificial putting greens, lawns, dog runs & play areas.
  • Create a backyard bird habitat.
  • Have a healthier landscape this year – Make an appointment for an at-your site consultation; call our Plant Doctors: 

  Jon Bruyn at 240-9783 or jonb@moananursery.com

  Lisa Braginton at 843-7479 or lisab@moananursery.com

  Steve Packer at 233-5113 or stevep@moananursery.com

  Michelle Gilmore at 425-4300 or michelleg@moananursery.com

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