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Landscape Services

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Moana Nursery has licensed, professional Landscape Architects and Designers on staff to assist you with planning and designing your exterior space and a whole lot more!

A planned approach can benefit virtually every project. Budget, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, horticulture, irrigation systems, drainage and aesthetic appeal are just some of the landscape elements that require thought and integration by a landscape professional for a successful project. Good landscape architects and designers have the ability to generate both creative ideas and phase-in plans to help you achieve your vision. Moana has its own licensed and experienced architects and designers ready to assist you. And, importantly, we have a complete Maintenance division to keep your landscape looking healthy and beautiful.


Moana's designers put together thoughtful plans that are "right" for your unique location. We do not charge for those plans when we use them to install your landscape ... they are part of the design/build service. And, our designs can be used to get approvals from Homeowner's Associations as needed. Our designs cannot be used by other contractors due to liability, warranty and misinterpretation issues. Design-only work requires our Architect's official certification of the plan and can be obtained for a separate design-only fee that is dependent on the scope of the project. For planning assistance only, we offer a Plan & Plant aid as well as at-your-site horticulture/landscape consulting through our retail locations.

For design/build assistance or reoccurring services foryour property, please call us at 775-825-0602 ext. 134 to reach our Landscape Customer Service. Or, email us at

Our office hours for the Landscape & Design Center (1190 Moana Lane, Reno, NV 89509) are 8:30 AM to 5 PM, Monday thru Friday.

We have recently published both a local calendar as well as a manual that accurately highlights maintenance tasks necessary for a healthy high desert landscape.  Too often, advice from other sources is generic and not appropriate for our micro-climates.  Now we have a Maintenance Calendar and "The Essential Maintenance Manual" to provide our customers with specific help in maintaining a beautiful landscape.  These tools will help you know when and what to do. 

Please check us out through the Contractor's Board in Nevada or California, or access our long term Better Business Bureau relationship at their "reliability" website, view here ...  BBB-blue-seal-moananursery.png    

NV Lic. # 3379 A,D & CA Lic. # 317448:  Protect yourself ... use only licensed contractors.

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