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FieldTurf Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

Long-Term Safety Never Looked So Good!

We understand that playground safety, maintenance and cleanliness are critical to the happiness of your children and your own peace of mind. As your playground surfacing expert, FieldTurf offers a great-looking solution which provides the same level of protection from Day One through Day 5,000. Not only are our patented systems safe, they feature unmatched durability. Our products, resources, service and knowledge turn old rundown play areas into beautiful, safe, new fun centers.

Safe & Sound: FieldTurf Artificial Grass Systems for Playgrounds

FieldTurf playground synthetic grass is engineered to look and feel like natural grass while providing superior protection against falls, cuts, and abrasions. You can rest easy knowing that children are playing on the safest playground grass turf on earth.

FallSoft™ Technology

Studies show that falls to the surface contribute up to 80% of all playground injuries. We can’t stop kids from being kids, but we can improve the safety of their play area. Our FallSoft™ technology incorporates a water permeable safety pad installed beneath our patented infill system to provide additional protection against falls from play equipment.

  • Fall height safety up to 9 feet, exceeding all ASTM requirements
  • Non-abrasive – so fewer skinned knees
  • Reduced exposure to allergens and pests

FieldTurf Playground Artificial Grass Benefits

While every one of our hundreds of satisfied playground clients has a primary reasons for choosing FieldTurf, these advantages always seem to come up the most:


  • No grass loss from foot traffic or play
  • Always green and is unaffected by weather extremes or use
  • Wear is extremely minimal: natural grass, mulch, etc. can not compete

Professional Appearance

  • State-of-the-art investment can mean revenue growth potential
  • Consistent, neat play area sends a message of cared-for kids

The “Clean Factor”

  • Dirt, mud and grass cuttings are no longer tracked into classrooms, cars and homes
  • No grass stains, no dirty clothing, no dirty hands

Increased Use

  • Area can be used continuously because it's more resilient than natural grass
  • No indoor time due to inclement weather

Elimination of Pests

  • Replaces the moisture-rich, natural-grass nesting ground for insects such as fire ants and underground bee’s nests

Elimination of Grass Pollen Allergies

  • Less irritants to little noses

Rapid Drainage

  • Allows as much as 40+ inches of water per hour to drain right through the turf for immediate use after a rain fall. (In areas with exceptionally poor drainage, we can first install a special drainage system underground to help ensure the rapid evacuation of liquids.)

Maintenance Is Child’s Play with a FieldTurf Playground

Not only is a FieldTurf playground safer and more fun than traditional solutions, it’s also easier to maintain. With FieldTurf, complicated maintenance issues are virtually eliminated. You can expect:

  • No hardening or cracking
  • No compaction issues
  • No displacement due to heavy play or downpours
  • No weeds
  • No constant upkeep or environmental impact of machines and chemicals
  • No hidden or buried foreign objects to cut little hands and feet