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FieldTurf Artificial Grass for Pets: Frequently Asked Questions

Is FieldTurf Really Pet Friendly? Will My Pets Like It?

Over 80% of our customers are either dog owners or organizations such as humane societies and other pet care facilities. We have a proven track record with pets of all kinds. It looks and feels just like real grass, and they can enjoy it every day of the year, winter or summer, rain or shine.

What about Dog Urine?

It drains right through a patented porous drainage design, with no more discoloring or burning of your lawn.

How Do You Clean FieldTurf?

Droppings can be picked up just as you would with regular grass, but they are never hidden in high or low spots. Then simply rinse off with a hose. A cleaner, disinfectant and deodorizer such as Simple Green is recommended, as well as a full-spectrum germicide such as KennelSol or AlphaZymePlus.

You Underestimate My Little Angel. Won’t My Dog Dig Out the Fibers?

Animals of all kinds couldn’t be less interested in digging our turf and infill. Dogs don't get the same sensation that they get when digging dirt, so they just stop. Pet owners and commercial boarding facilities are constantly telling us how surprised they are that they haven't had a problem with FieldTurf.

What about Bigger Pet Play Areas? Is FieldTurf Installed Commercially for Kennels or Doggie Daycare?

There are literally hundreds of FieldTurf artificial grass systems across the United States. Here are just a few:

  • San Diego Humane Society
  • Marin County Humane Society
  • Silicone Valley Humane Society
  • Sea World, San Diego, California
  • USDA National Canine Detector Training Center at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, Atlanta, Georgia

What about Pests Like Gophers, Moles, Rabbits, Grubs & Insects?

They are outta there. Animals will no longer ruin your lawn by eating your grass or burrowing up from underground. Plus, you’ll no longer need potentially harmful pesticides or herbicides.

My Kids and Pets Are Inseparable. Is FieldTurf Safe for My Kids, Too?

FieldTurf is actually softer and safer than real grass, especially for little ones with allergies or a tendency to scrape knees. Bonuses for you are fewer stained pants and muddy feet. FieldTurf is even the artificial grass system of choice for hundreds of daycare systems.

Can FieldTurf Be Installed on Top of Existing Cement or Asphalt – Like a Roof or Patio?

Absolutely. This kind of installation requires either a gradual natural slope for surface drainage or a special underlayment we can provide that acts as a sub-surface drainage system.

We have also recently introduced several low-infill products ideal for rooftop applications, more pronounced slopes or areas around pools or water features.

Don’t Tell Me FieldTurf Can Even Get Rid of My Weeds?

Yes, we can. Weeds simply cannot grow directly through FieldTurf’s tough turf backing. It’s more dense that typical weed-block material for landscapes. On rare occasions, you may see some weeds popping up along a border. Simply spray some weed killer as you would with natural grass. It won’t stain or harm the FieldTurf in any way.

How Long Does a FieldTurf Installation Take?

Each installation is absolutely custom for each client, but an average area of 275 square feet typically takes just two to three days. The first step is a complimentary site visit consultation with a fully trained, licensed, bonded and certified FieldTuf installer.