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FieldTurf Golf Signature Series: Frequently Asked Questions

Aren’t All Artificial Grass Putting Greens the Same? Do I Really Need a “Professional Grade” Like FieldTurf?

FieldTurf’s Signature Series is more than just decorative. It’s a solution for serious golfers who want to practice both true-roll putting and approach shot-making to take their games to the next level.

FieldTurf Golf Signature Series is the most advanced artificial grass golf practice system on the market today. It simulates natural bent grass greens, so it rolls true at any speed, holds a shot from over 150 yards and provide a flawless landing zone for a driving range.

Sounds Great! Can I Really Have a Professional FieldTurf Green Installed in My Backyard?

You sure can. Backyard, front yard, side yard, roof tops even indoors. FieldTurf has installed hundreds of synthetic field turf systems worldwide in a variety of locations.

What Kind of Shapes and Slopes are Available?

All of our putting greens are custom-shaped and sloped to the same characteristics of a natural turf putting green. We can create breaks and ridges based on the space you have to work with. We can even include undulations, water hazards and sand traps.

What Kind of Speed Can I Expect?

We can “dial it in” for whatever speed you like. The average speed of our putting greens measures a 10 on the stimpmeter. The speed can be increased by using a roller or slowed by using a brush to stand the fibers more upright.

What Kind of Maintenance Am I Looking At?

Significantly less than your standard natural grass lawn – let alone a hybrid natural grass putting green. It’s really more a matter of keeping the artificial grass system free of debris with a rake or low-speed leaf blower. Each spring, you’ll want the lawn to be rolled with a water-filled roller which can be purchased or rented from a home improvement store.

Seriously? A FieldTurf Signature Series Green Will Actually Hold a Shot from a Fairway?

Emphatically – yes! In fact, our Signature Series is the only synthetic turf system on the market that can capture a shot from 150+ yards AND still roll true. Our greens are built to receive shots from the fairway and from around the fringe. Our patented infill provides a surface that will receive a shot which checks up identical to a natural turf putting green.

Will the Green Drain in the Rain?

Yep – that, too. Our synthetic turf putting greens are graded to allow for 90-95% of surface water to drain off the turf. The remaining water drains through the infill material.

How Long Will My Green Last?

Our systems are warranted for a generous 8 years.

Is There a Minimum Square Footage or Size Requirement?

FieldTurf’s minimum suggested size is 250 square feet. We feel that anything smaller than that will make you unhappy with your investment, which is the last thing we want.

How Much Will My Green Cost?

One of the first questions on your mind may be, “What is the cost of a FieldTurf synthetic turf green per square foot?” It’s a difficult question to answer because each of our artificial grass and field turf systems is custom-installed to each customer’s exact needs, issues and specifications.

In our opinion, any artificial grass and synthetic turf company that automatically or randomly provides a standard square footage quote is likely selling as much “outdoor carpet” as quickly as they can. They may even hold you to more square footage than is actually needed when they arrive at your site. Not what we do.

Quoting square feet without even visiting your space isn’t realistic for you, so we simply don’t do it. Here’s what we do - we offer each customer a design consultation in order to help us provide you with an accurate quote and exact pricing for your very specific artificial grass or synthetic turf system project. Find out more by contacting a representative in your area or sending us a quick note.

Is the Signature Series Limited to Putting Greens?

Nope. Consider us your golf green heaven. We build residential driving ranges, landing zones, tee-lines and more in additional to public and private golf courses.