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FieldTurf Landscape: Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would I Want to Choose an Artificial Grass System for My Lawn?

FieldTurf artificial grass systems employ the latest in technology to look and feel just like real grass, without the constant upkeep or environmental impact of machines and chemicals. FieldTurf isn’t the same as the AstroTurf of yester-year. We are the industry-leader in artificial grass and synthetic field turf systems for both homes and businesses.

What Should I Look for in Choosing an Artificial Grass System Provider?

It is important to know there are vast differences between the products and installation capabilities available in today's market. More and more companies are beginning to emerge making incredible claims about their products, which rarely meet the expectations of customers who have them installed.

FieldTurf is the largest entity in the artificial grass and synthetic turf business, with a 20-year track record. Our systems are patented, and we’re the only artificial grass and synthetic turf company that actually manufactures our own turf – right here in the United States. We’re also the only company that certifies our network of distributors and installers.

We enjoy a 60% market share representing businesses, homeowners and the vast majority of professional sports teams – over five times more sports teams than our closest competitor.

Familiarize yourself with common industry myths and make sure you know the facts.

Where Can I See FieldTurf Installed?

You may have seen FieldTurf already and not known it wasn’t natural grass, especially if you watch sports on TV. We have two primary demonstration areas in Northern Nevada. We have three demonstration areas at the Summit Sierra Shopping Center in South Reno (the Moana Nursery Putting Place is directly in front of the Apple Store). We also have a demonstration putting green at our store located at 1100 W. Moana Lane.

How Tough Is FieldTurf, Really?

It’s tough, all right. FieldTurf is used every day by professional and college athletes. It’s safe to say they are way more brutal than your family, kids, pets, employees or clients combined.

How Long Will FieldTurf Last?

Our eight-year warranty leads the industry. Most homeowners with average lawn and yard use can anticipate up to double that.

What Kind of Maintenance Am I Looking At?

Significantly less than your standard natural grass lawn. It’s really more a matter of keeping the artificial grass system free of debris with a rake or low-speed leaf blower. Each spring, you’ll want the lawn to be rolled with a water-filled roller which can be purchased or rented from a home improvement store.

What about Weeds?

Weeds cannot grow directly through the tough FieldTurf backing. It’s more dense that typical weed-block material for landscapes. On rare occasions, you may see some popping up along a border. No worries…weed killer can be used without staining or harming the system in any way.

Will FieldTurf Fade?

You won’t see any fading unless you get out your miscroscope. FieldTurf has a built-in UV protection solution that helps it hold its color even under the most dramatic conditions of near constant, direct sunlight. Independent studies show that FieldTurf will fade at a rate of less than 1% per year. This means that after even 10 years in direct sunlight, any color change will still be imperceptible to the human eye.

Will FieldTurf Mildew?

Due to the extremely porous drainage design of our artificial grass systems, mold and mildew are never a problem.

Will FieldTurf Stain?

FieldTurf’s polyethylene fibers are impenetrable. Sticky spills should be hosed off to prevent them from attracting dirt and bugs. But even paint can be softened with paint remover and rinsed right off.

Will the Infill Blow All over the Lawn?

That’s not a worry. Within a short amount of time, the infill will actually compact and consolidate into the optimal surface density, and the artificial grass fibers will serve as a barrier to the granules beneath. You would have to direct a leaf blower at high speed and at full force onto a concentrated area to see any disturbance.

I Live in an Area Prone to Wildfires – Is That a Concern with FieldTurf?

FieldTurf artificial grass systems are highly flame retardant. In fact, FieldTurf stood up to the challenge of recent fires in Southern California, suffering only minor scorch damage from heat and embers. This type of damage can be patched easily by our certified installers.