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How to Start Seeds

Lisa Braginton, Plant Doctor at Moana Nursery, is here to talk to you about one of her favorite topics: seed starting! Starting your garden plants from seed can be a fun, rewarding, and cost-effective way to get a jump start on your gardening for the year, assuming you have a little patience and get started early! In this video, we will talk about various seed starting topics, including how to start your seeds, which products can help your seeds be successful, how to choose seeds, and more. A table of contents is provided below, so that you can skip around to the parts of the video that interest you the more. Or watch the whole video and get excited to start your seeds with us! 

Seed Starting Overview (00:00 - 02:06)
Learn the basics of starting seeds, including why you might want to start from seed, and the basic ingredients you need to start your seeds. We recommend G&B Organics Blue Ribbon Blend Potting Soil for starting seeds indoors or out.

Seed Starting Helpers (02:06 - 08:04)
There are many different containers and kits you can start your seeds with. In this section, we'll go over some of the products that make starting seeds a little easier. We'll talk about humidity domes, seed starting cell products, pellets, and seed starting kits to name a few. 

Quality of Seeds (08:04 - 10:07)
The quality of seed you have is going to affect the success of your eventual plant. Be sure to read the package and know where your seeds come from. Some seeds will do better in our high-desert landscape than others. We recommend seeds from Botanical Interests & Territorial Seed Company, both of which are sold at Moana Nursery.

Seed Starting Timelines (including seeds to start later and seeds to start sooner) (10:07 - 13:26)
Learn to consider the length of time it takes for a seed to germinate so you know when to start your seeds! We'll talk specifically about arugula, squashes like zucchini and pumpkins, tomatoes, eggplant and peppers.

Starting Perennials From Seed (13:26 - 14:21)
Starting perennials from seed can be a whole different process than starting your garden vegetables. Keep in mind that perennials may break some of the rules, and be sure to pay attention to their specific requirements. 

Fertilizing Your Seeds (14:21 - 16:19)
We recommend fertilizing your seeds once they have two sets of true leaves. We recommend G&B Organic All-Purpose Fertilizer (3-2-3), and SuperThrive to add vitamins to help your seedlings thrive.

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