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Wild Birds Unlimited Newsletter
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February 2019                                                                                          Volume 2.19
Nature News
Bird of the Month


Colaptes auratus
Northern Flickers are large, brown woodpeckers with handsome black-scalloped plumage that live year-round in Nevada. Their brown plumage is richly patterned with black spots, bars, and crescents. The red-shafted (western) and yellow-shafted (eastern) forms of Northern Flickers were once classified as different species. Red-shafted or yellow-shafted refers to the color of the undersides of wing and tail feathers. The two forms hybridize extensively in the area between their two ranges. It is not unusual at all to see a hybrid here, sometimes with yellow wing and tail feathers and the red mustache; or red-shafted with red nape crescent instead of red mustache.
When flushed, flickers often perch erect on horizontal branches rather than hitching up or around a tree trunk like most woodpeckers. Flickers do fly like most woodpeckers do, rising and falling smoothly as they intersperse periods of flapping with gliding.
Like most woodpeckers, Northern Flickers drum on objects as a form of communication and territory defense. The object is to make as loud a noise as possible, so metal poles and pipes are sometimes preferred targets for this drumming. This is an interesting behavior unless it's your roof vent pipe he chooses at five in the morning!
Flickers are very fond of ants, and it is quite common to find them on the ground, probing the dirt with their long, slightly curved bill to find this delicacy. In suburban or urban settings, flickers are likely to be found during the winter in backyards with mature trees. If you are interested in attracting these beautiful and interesting birds to your yard, here are some suggestions:
  1. Hang a tail-prop suet feeder with a suet that contains peanuts or insects. In addition to flickers you might see other woodpeckers, warblers, and wrens coming to this feeder.
  2. Hang a wire feeder specifically designed for shelled peanuts. Other birds also like peanuts, including jays and even House Finches.
  3. Hopper feeders with sunflower seeds will also attract flickers, along with other bird species. 
All of these food selections are also very high in fat and protein, which is beneficial to birds, especially in the winter. Feeders and food can be obtained at Wild Birds Unlimited inside all Moana Nursery locations in Reno and Sparks.
Click here to go to the Moana Nursery Website for more information
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Great Backyard Bird Count
February 15-18, 2019

Bird watchers of all ages count birds
to create a real-time snapshot of where birds are.

Go Here To Participate
A "Meal" Your Birds Will Love

Mealworms Feeder

A backyard feeder full of nutritious mealworms is beloved by bug-eating birds-and a guaranteed way to spice up your bird feeding routine. 
Birds that LOVE mealworms are:

 ~ Bluebirds ~

~ Chickadees ~

~ Thrushes ~

~ Titmice ~

~ Wrens ~

~ Nuthatches ~

Joy of Backyard Bird Feeding Seminar


Saturday Feb 23rd  10-12 @ Moana Lane location

The Joy of Bird Feeding seminar will focus on backyard bird watchers and bird feeders. We will offer practical tips and solutions to attracting and identifying birds, how to offer the best foods for the birds you want to see, and how to deter those unwanted guests to feeding stations. 

 We will be giving away a copy of Jim Carpenter's book by the same name to one lucky participant!

How to Attract More Birds with Mealworms

How to Attract More Birds with Mealworms

The extra treat your birds will LOVE!

Upcoming Events

Lahontan Audubon Society

Friday, February 1  8:00am
Field Trip - Caughlin Parkway & Steamboat Ditch Trail

Saturday, February 9  8:00am
Field Trip - Annual Dipper Day

California Duck Days Festival, Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Headquarters

Tuesday, February 12  6:00pm
LAS Board meeting

Friday, February 15  8:00am
Field Trip - Pyramid Lake, Washoe

Saturday, February 16  9:00am
Field Trip - Virginia Lake, Reno

Tuesday, February 19  4:00pm
Birds & Books Reading/Discussion Group - MOZART'S STARLING by Lyanda Lynn Haupt

Tuesday, February 26  6:30pm
Program Meeting - Haley McGuire & Elena Larsen, Truckee Meadows Parks: two projects

Wednesday, February 27 8:30am
Program Meeting - Haley McGuire & Elena Larsen, Truckee Meadows Parks: two projects

Tahoe Institute of Natural Science

Thu Feb 21 @ 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Chickadee Ridge Snowshoe Hike


Fri Feb 22 @ 6:30PM - 09:30PM
Astronomy Walk: Alpenglow Mt.Fest


Sat Feb 23 @ 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Page Meadows Snowshoe Hike


Sun Feb 24 @ 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Chickadee Ridge Snowshoe Hike

Go to Tinsweb website for full list of outings 

Nature Happenings

* Great Backyard Bird Count, mid-month,
* Project FeederWatch continues,
* February is National Bird Feeding Month
* Black Bear cubs are born at the beginning of the month.
* Time to put up a bird house or clean your existing ones.
* Squirrel mating season.
* Lowest precipitation month of the year.
* Red-shafted Northern Flickers, our largest woodpecker, begin drilling holes for spring nesting. Put up a "flicker" specific nest box.
* Bluebirds are searching for nesting cavities or nest boxes. Insects and berries can be scarce; offer mealworms, dried fruit, sunflower chips and more.
* Owls are the earliest nesters after beginning courtship in December and January. Listen for their nightly courtship serenades.
* Bobcat mating season.

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