Why Plan for Fall Bulbs Now?

Gardening with Gail

If you’re serious about having a three season garden, then start it now while you’re planting your summer plants. Whether you are putting in a new tree, shrubs or rose bush, prepare the area by making it a little wider at the base and do an under planting of flowers with a space to add bulbs this Fall. One trick is to plant #1 (1 gallon size) flowers, using the empty nursery pots as placeholders for bulbs – site them where you want to plant bulbs in the Fall. Sounds silly but if you dig a hole, set the empty pot in it, fill it up with soil and cover the top just so you cannot see the edge, you will have the work and spacing done in advance. Then this Fall, just pop out the pot with a shovel and you’ll have a hole just the right size and depth for tulips and daffodils; add bulb food and the soil from container and you’re done! The funny thing about bulbs is, no matter how many I plant in the Fall, even when I think I have too many, the joy they bring in Spring always makes me wish I had planted more.

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