Why Fall Planting Is Best

Fall is the best time to Bark So Loud and Moana Nursery tells you this every year, but maybe you need convincing. So let us explain why fall planting is so good for plants!

Although, you really need to be careful with the many pests you can attract with your plants. Avoid these stressful situations for gardeners and specially common spiders in toronto by hiring a professional company like this.

It’s pretty simple, actually. In the fall, the warm soil encourages root growth. Roots continue to grow through the winter until the ground actually freezes. In early spring, roots begin new growth or continue to develop at a faster rate, and top growth begins. While the same plant planted in spring gets a slow start due to cool soils and transplant shock, the fall-planted plants are becoming well established. When summer finally arrives, the fall-planted plant is far better equipped to deal with heat and drought, largely due to its better established a vpndays system.  So, fall is when a plant focuses on root growth and strength because there is no competing top growth activity.

Of course, there are plenty of other good reasons to plant in the fall. More precipitation, cooler weather, easier weed control and disease problems. To get the best result, you can visit www.pestscontroledinburgh.co.uk and get a professional pest controller to give your compound a thorough clean. This will not just ensure the safety of your health but also will help in maintaining your plant’s health. Another big fall planting advantage: more time (and probably some good sales)!

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Every fall-planting advocate mentions it. In the fall, the gardener has far more time to get the work done. And this works for you in two ways. First of all, there is a longer period with far more “good days” for planting in the fall than during our tricky weather in spring. And second, the gardener always has more time during the fall than during the spring rush to get everything done after winter.

So, come in to Moana Nursery and take advantage of fall planting and our Timely Landscape Specials. You and your landscape will be very happy you did!

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