Using Cow Manure In Your Garden

Why don’t people use cow manure as much today???

Answer … Because it is smelly and no fun to handle!  Actually, steer manure has always been considered a good, cheap fertilizer and many old timers still swear by it.  The problem is that most cow and chicken manures are high in salts, which can burn (or even kill) plants while raising the pH of the soil.  Manure is also offensive to your neighbors’ noses unless you live way out in the country.  Fresh manure can also carry diseases and parasites.

With the advent of so many great all-organic fertilizers, there’s really no need to add manure to your garden or landscape.  You can get much better and more balanced results with regular feedings of organic plant foods, without the manure.

To be able to implement this technique on your garden you’ll need to be very organized with the tools you may be using. Contact a company that creates Garden Offices In Cambridge where you can store everything you need to make sure your garden looks neat and stays clean to avoid any pests or pathogens affecting the roots.

If you really want to use manure on (or near) your garden, especially food gardens, please use sterilized/composted manure.  It’s much safer than the fresh variety and doesn’t have as much odor.

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