Truckee Meadows Tree Canopy

Maples for the Tree Canopy

Our Truckee Meadows “Tree Canopy,” as measured by the Nevada Forestry & U.S. Forest Service study (using government “Stimulus” funds – – a topic for another time), is poor … less than Las Vegas even.  Sparks is at 3.9% and Reno is 5.2% with 75% of the combined 4.6% cover on residential properties.  Self-serving but true translation – – we need to plant more trees and do a better job caring for them!  The study shows a current economic value of about $43 million but with a 20% coverage (a level achieved in many cities) those numbers jump to nearly $90 million.  The economic value of trees is more than just a reduction in carbon footprints.  The University has a 9.3% Tree Canopy.  Our area has a lower canopy cover than similar western U.S. cities.  Trees Matter.  This link will take you to the study for further information if desired.

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