These Aren’t Your Grandma’s Roses!

'Paint the Town' Rose

Just about everyone likes roses and wants to figure out how to incorporate them into the landscape because roses bring show stopping color and a dramatic presence to almost any sunny spot. The problem has always been that in order to grow spectacular roses gardeners have had to commit to a rigorous and time intensive regimen of spraying, fertilizing and pruning. Even after all the hard work the results left many gardeners frustrated and asking “Is that all there is?”

Things have changed in the world of roses. Over the past several years rose breeders have been working hard to introduce roses that will produce spectacular results for every home gardener. New roses are tested and grown in fields where they receive minimal care and are not sprayed for insects or diseases. Only those that excel under these grueling conditions are brought to market. Roses have moved past being temperamental plants with issues and instead become reliable and rewarding flower-power machines. The roses at Moana Nursery will not only survive but thrive in our High Desert environment.

Do you need a spot of color for a pot near your front door?  A miniature rose like “Itty Bitty Pink” will bloom all season long while demanding nothing more than regular water and a light feeding every now and then.
Are you looking for a flowering shrub to anchor a sunny planting bed but are bored with traditional shrub choices?  “Paint The Town” rose is carpeted with wonderful clusters of intense red hybrid tea-shaped blooms from spring through fall.
Are you at a loss about how to cover a large hot and sunny area?  The “Drift” series of groundcover roses are low maintenance solutions that come in colors ranging from white to apricot to red.

Landscape Roses - - 'Coral Drift'

There is an easy-to-grow rose for almost any spot in your landscape. Get them off to a good start with proper planting (The experts at any of our three Moana Nursery locations can show you how!) then relax and enjoy them for years to come.

Here are some more Moana Nursery favorites:

“All the Rage” – A multi-colored spectacle with tight coral buds swirling open to apricot-colored blossoms with luminous yellow centers, blooming steadily all season so there will always be a range of colors to admire.

“Champagne Wishes” – New for 2012. Clusters of pale apricot buds open to antique white with just a hint of apricot before fading to a clear white. Great with perennials or planted as a refined low hedge.

“Como Park” – An exceptionally tough rose developed in Minnesota that features deep green leaves and a profusion of medium red, double blossoms. Excellent planted in groups for a bright accent.

“Grandma’s Blessing” – Resembles a traditional hybrid tea rose with large, full dusty-pink blossoms. Stunning color combines beautifully with many perennials and it also makes an elegant hedge.

“Kashmir” – Velvety red blossoms are as soft as cashmere, shaped like a traditional rose and beg to be cut for the vase. Evenly rounded habit fits perfectly into today’s urban landscapes.

“Music Box” – This rose sings with double blooms of creamy yellow centers surrounded by delicate pink blends; an ever blooming accent that will bring harmony to your garden.

“Sunrise Sunset” – Moana Nursery’s best selling rose. This one is a stunning blend, with bright fuchsia-pink petals brightening to apricot near the centers. Ever blooming and tough, its dense spreading habit makes it an ideal groundcover and it is also superb in mass plantings.

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